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Your development portal

At our University, everyone should feel they can BECOME UNSTOPPABLE. This portal is your one stop shop for developing your skills and competencies. All of this is underpinned by the Salford Behaviours.

Within HR we support your development in a number of ways. This portal is a comprehensive collection of materials that you can dip in and out of to help you learn when and where you can, and when you need it most! We also help you learn by:

  • Designing learning experiences and events
  • Providing specialist workshops on topics important to the institution (these flex and change with institutional requirements)
  • Funding some types of accredited learning/courses
  • Providing expertise around coaching & mentoring

Our Development Principles. This is how we approach staff learning here at Salford:

  • Learning happens every day. Development is everywhere and not just in a classroom
  • You drive your own learning. How and what you learn should be motivated by personal growth, curiosity and need
  • Internal first. Look to the fantastic people around you! We're surrounded by internal expertise and experience. Actively use this to collaborate and stimulate your learning
  • Learning should be a playful, organic experience. Experiment! Play! Try new things! You'll learn something in the process, even if it wasn't what you set out to. This is encouraged at all levels.
  • Learning is an individual process. No one method of learning is better than another, and don't aspire to attend a formal course. These often don't change you. Whatever enables you to learn is valid, e.g. reading, shadowing, conversations, group work, workshops, new experiences, etc.

This site is pretty new. We're still working on some of the pages and designing you some fantastic new resources! Check back in regularly for updates.