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Your development portal

At the University of Salford we want everyone to feel they can BECOME UNSTOPPABLE. The development portal is your one stop shop for guidance and top tips on developing your professional skills and competencies.

All our activities are underpinned by the Salford Behaviours.

Our approach is guided by the following Development Principles:

  • Everyday learning – development is everywhere and not just in a classroom
  • It is self-determined; motivated by personal growth, curiosity and need
  • ‘Internal first’ – we’re surrounded by internal expertise and experience and should actively use this to collaborate and stimulate our learning
  • Learning should be a playful, organic experience. Experimentation is accepted and encouraged
  • Learning is an individual process; whatever enables you to learn is a valid activity, e.g. reading, shadowing, conversations, group work, workshops, new experiences, etc. You shouldn’t aspire to ‘formal learning’, just learning. No one method of learning is better than another.

There are a range of ways we can support your development. These include:

  • Curated resources
  • Facilitated or self-directed experiences and events
  • On-line or face to face courses
  • Accreditations & funding
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Bespoke solutions

To access our resources please use the Navigation Bar at the top of the page to access the content.

Please note: Some of these pages are still under development and some of the content may therefore not yet be available. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.