Partnerships Office

Industrial Case Studentships (iCase)

Industrial CASE provides funding for PhD studentships where businesses take the lead in arranging projects with an academic partner of their choice.

The aim of these awards is to provide PhD students with a first-rate, challenging research training experience, within the context of a mutually beneficial research collaboration between academic and partner organisations e.g. industry and policy making bodies.

Defining an excellent CASE studentship

High-quality project - A challenging, feasible and realistically achievable PhD project which stimulates excellent hypothesis-driven research. Through a truly collaborative approach, it provides tangible benefits to all partners.

High-quality training environment - Through access to distinctive but complementary environments, partners provide a stimulating framework for research training in the proposed field. Joint supervision gives a unique and broadening perspective on the impact of collaborative research.

High-quality student experience - An enriched integrated training experience allows the student to acquire novel skills and expertise. The student gains a wider understanding of, for example, applied research or policy development that will enhance their future career prospects.