Salford conversations

Universities are complex, multi-faceted, wonderful places! These can be tricky conditions for colleagues to navigate easily so we try to create as many opportunities as possible for people to connect and converse to make our work, and our people, more collaborative and aligned.

'Salford Conversations' is one way we do this. It's a series of events that happen throughout the year where people come together to learn about hot topics and the work of others, and to innovate and share ideas. As the name suggests, each event revolves around having conversations and connecting with people you might not otherwise interact with. The themes are relevant and interesting, focusing on things such as strategy, new research, and how we behave and collaborate. They're open to all colleagues.

Recent Salford Conversations events have included:

  • Our Industry Collaboration themes of Robotics, Smart Living and Digital. We heard from leading thinkers in these areas, got to try out robotic arms and virtual reality immersive experiences, and chatted about our individual work and ideas.  
  • The Resilience Series. How to stimulate and maintain creativity and wellbeing during lockdown. In a time when we're all just finding our way, how can we connect more, support and learn from each other.