MENA (Egypt, Jordan) and Turkey Scholarships

Pharmaceutical Three Students Working Together in a lab

We are pleased to offer scholarships to high achieving students from Jordan, Egypt and Turkey, based on academic merit. Find out more about this scholarship and how you can apply. This scholarship is open for 2019/20 and 2020/21.

Scholarship details

This scholarship is worth £3000. To be eligible, you must be applying for the first year of an undergraduate or master's programme.

Undergraduate applicants

Applicants to undergraduate programmes must achieve A level grades ABB or equivalent. Please see below for equivalent qualifications.

Equivalent undergraduate qualifications


Tawjihi with an average score of 68% or higher, plus a recognised foundation programme

A diploma from a community college with a minimum score of 70% or a grade point average of 3.0/4.0


A two year diploma from a technical, commercial, industrial or health institutes, with an overall grade of 75% or better


An overall mark of 4.5/5 or 80% or higher on the Lise Diplomasi

Postgraduate applicants

Applicants to postgraduate programmes must achieve a minimum of a second class upper degree and meet the conditions of their offer by the admissions deadline. Please see below for equivalent qualifications:

Equivalent postgraduate qualifications


A bachelor's degree or equivalent with an overall mark of three or above


A four to six year degree scoring 75% or very good for all subjects other than arts. If you have studied an arts subject, you must achieve 80% or higher


A bachelor's degree four or more years in length scoring 3.0, or very good, or 80% or above

How to apply

There is no separate application process for this scholarship. You will be assessed when you apply for your chosen programme of study. If you are successfully offered this scholarship, to receive the funding you must accept your offer of admission and pay your tuition fee deposit by the deadline specified.

Terms and conditions

You may apply for this scholarship if you have already been awarded a different scholarship. However, in line with our terms and conditions, you can only receive one scholarship - the one with the highest value.

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