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Education consultants

Education consultants

Are you thinking of using an education agent or education consultant for help and advice with your application to study at the University of Salford?

We strongly recommend you use one of our approved education consultants. You can find a list of our consultants below selecting your home country or current country of residence. We currently have education consultants in 32 countries.

Basic agent/education counselling services include:

  • Advice on course selection;
  • Brochures and information;
  • Information about Salford and Manchester;
  • Assistance with application forms;
  • Visa advice where necessary.

Our overseas consultants are trained by University of Salford staff and kept regularly updated and briefed with the latest information on our courses.

If you have any queries about our education consultants please contact us at

We cannot assume any responsibility for information given about the University by educational consultants who do not hold a valid agreement with us. Applying through an unauthorised consultant may result in your application being held up or possibly not being processed.

Do I have to pay a fee to use your education consultant?

Our education consultants will not normally charge you a fee for submitting an application on your behalf, however there may be additional fees associated with some aspects of your application, such as English test bookings. You should ask your education consultant up front about any charges you may need to pay.

Our relationship with our approved education consultants is a commercial one – we will pay them for the services you have used in the event you register at the University.

In those countries where we do not have an approved agent, we recommend that you apply directly to the University of Salford or seek advice from your local British Council office. We will be pleased to offer support and advice to you if you do not wish to use an education consultant – you can contact us at