Outgoing Students 05.12.22

Working abroad in Italy: University of Naples

Biomedical Science student Georgia Horsbrough completed a 12 month Erasmus+ work placement at the University of Naples, Italy. Aside from gaining invaluable experience working in a lab, Georgia also met many new people, explored a different culture and even adopted a new furry friend! We asked her more about her time abroad...

Hi Georgia! Why did you decide to work abroad?

I have always loved to travel, having been abroad every year since I was born. I would like to have the opportunity to work abroad in the future, so this was the perfect time to test myself and open up to a new culture.

Did you receive support from the staff at the University of Salford?

Every issue I have had regarding paperwork has been quickly explained and solved by the International Opportunities team. My exchange coordinator and my lecturer were also of great support. They believed in me and encouraged me.

How was working at your host institution different?

I have never worked full-time in a lab before, so it was strange adapting to it. Every lab has a slightly different way of doing things, so a day was never the same. But I loved every minute and meeting everyone.

Georgia in Naples

What was your favourite experience while abroad?

We adopted a dog called Nera and she has a passport and will be returning to the UK with me.

What is the best thing about studying and working abroad?

Living life in a completely different culture. I was able to experience so many things I would not have experienced back home. And trying local food is just the best! Taste your way around the world!

Golden labrador dog lying on its back

What have you gained from this experience?

I have gained independence and the ability to adapt to new environments, but also many friends and a love for mozzarella cheese, gnocchi pasta and the Italian gelato. And the knowledge that, no matter where you go, take Yorkshire tea bags and it will all be fine.

What would you say to someone considering studying or working abroad?

Don’t think twice and don’t doubt yourself. Just go for it because once you settle down and life gets in the way you may never get another chance.

Ocean with a mountain in the background in Naples, Italy

What are your future plans?

I hope to complete a master’s degree, maybe a PhD. I want to collaborate on research projects with people from all around the world.