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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Erasmus+ and International Exchange outgoing physical mobilities are not available for the 2020/21 academic year. We strongly recognise how important it is that all students benefit from an international experience, however our priority will always be the safety and security of the community. Alternative virtual exchanges can be considered upon discussion with the relevant school. Nominations for the 2021/22 academic year are subject to COVID-19 developments. Nominations and applications are expected by 5 March 2021 for all students wishing to go out in either trimester September 2021 or January 2022.

Further information...

Further Information

How will I be assessed?

While abroad on a study exchange, you must complete a minimum of 60 Salford credits per trimester.  Your Exchange Coordinator at Salford and your host institution will help you select the modules that best match what you would have studied at Salford.  You need to ensure you pass your modules and assessments at your host institution in order to gain the required amount of credits for your degree.  However, the actual grades you receive do not count towards your degree classification and instead will show as a pass/fail.

How is pass/fail assessed at the host university?

You will be assessed on the basis of the pass/fail rate grading system at the partner institution, i.e. if they grade 1-10 and grades 5-10 are a pass, your mean average mark for your time abroad is 5 or above will be a pass.  Please contact the International Opportunities team at if you require further information on the pass/fail rates of our partner institutions.

What happens if I fail my modules at the host institution?

In the unlikely event that this happens and if no reassessment opportunity is possible through the host institution, you would be offered another opportunity to obtain the relevant credit by taking the level 5 modules at Salford as a second (reassessment) attempt during the next academic year.  In the event that you also fail these modules, you would then be in a retake position which means that you are required to study the required number of modules, attend classes, pay a fee for the modules and submit all assessments for these modules.

How will my final programme award be calculated if I spend full academic year abroad?

Your final award will be based solely on the marks you are awarded in your final year (level 6). The level 5 credits obtained at the host institution will be recorded as pass/fail and therefore would not contribute to the classification of your degree.


If I only study abroad for one semester at level 5, and then spend the other semester at Salford, how will my overall programme

If you study less than 100 credits at Salford at level 5, our academic regulations include a non-standard Programme Mark calculation for classification which is based upon fewer than 100 credits at level 5 or 6 for which module marks are given, i.e. ((level 5 credits x level 5 mark) + (3 x level 6 credits x level 6 mark)) divided by (3 x level 6 credits).

If you study Salford modules at level 5, these will be assessed as usual and the non-standard Programme Mark Calculation described above will apply.  Your modules at the host institution will not be transferred back into your overall award but, as indicated above, you will be required to pass these modules.

If you undertake a period of study, as part of a programme of the University, which is assessed by another institution, the module mark(s) you obtain will normally be recorded as pass or fail, with no transfer of marks or grades.

If you are studying on a programme where modules which have been incorporated and approved as an integral part of the programme for which the module mark(s) may be recorded as a percentage mark, your grades will be obtained via a mark translation process aligned to the relevant marking scale (see Assessment and Feedback Policy).  This last paragraph applies only to students studying on the following programmes:

  • MPhys Physics with Studies in North America
  • BSc Biology with Studies in the USA
  • BSc Biochemistry with Studies in the USA

If you are unsure if your programme includes study abroad as an integral part of your programme, please check with your Programme Leader.