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Workplace Conduct

Our people are pivotal in the University achieving its strategic aims. With this in mind all employees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and appropriate manner. As a University we recognise that on occasion there may be concerns that need to be addressed, we therefore adopt a structured approach through policies and procedures to ensure fairness and consistency for all employees. This section provides the key documentation which explains these procedures.

Please note, in the 'Training Courses' area on the right side of the page you will find links to online courses available through Blackboard, once selected, please log-in using your normal University username and password.  Information on further courses and development services can be found on the general Staff Development page.

It is necessary for the University to operate a disciplinary policy to ensure the effective management of its employees and uphold the services to our students. The document below clarifies how issues of employee misconduct are addressed in a fair and consistent manner.

The University is committed to creating a positive working environment for all colleagues.  In circumstances where an employee has an issue, they are expected to raise this informally with their line manager in the first instance.  If it is felt this does not result in a satisfactory outcome, then the employee should use the Grievance Form (below) in order for their issue to be escalated to the HR Advice Team ( . Please see the document below for full guidance on the practices in place to address such matters:

Mediation is an effective way of resolving disputes confidentially between people and involves an independent third party – a mediator – who helps both sides come to an agreement. The University’s Mediation service is voluntary, confidential and available for both staff and students. We have a network of staff from a wide range of Departments and Schools who have undertaken nationally accredited training.  In circumstances an individual would like to use a mediation service, they should contact the University's Mediation Coordinator in the first instance.

The University is committed to establishing an environment that is free from any form of bullying and harassment. As such, support services are available to staff and students who feel they are experiencing bullying or harassment.  In these circumstances the Bullying & Harrassment Coordinator should be contacted in the first instance, who after discussing the matter with the individual, will then refer them to an appropriate advisor.  Please view the general Bullying & Harrassment homepage for the required contact details:  Equality/Bullying&HarassmentNetwork (opens in new window)

All members of the University community and visitors to the University have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. In order to ensure that we provide a working and learning environment in which everybody shows respect and consideration for one another we adhere to the Dignity at Work and Study Policy, please refer to this for guidance on principles and practice:

The University is committed to carrying out activities openly and fairly with the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity. We will not tolerate any form of bribery by, or of, our employees or any person acting on our behalf. The Anti-Bribery Policy (below) clarifies the stance through which the University implements effective measures to prevent, monitor and eliminate bribery:

The University Whistleblowing policy is in place to ensure that employees are able to raise concerns about potential issues of malpractice, in a confidential and sensitive manner.  Such 'protected disclosures' enable the University to investigate such matters in order to establish the facts of a claim and ensure ethical and applicable legislative standards are adhered to.  This policy applies to all employees and should be reviewed prior to understand the key terms and correct procedure for raising a concern:

The University values and relies upon the professional integrity of relationships between staff members and in the staff/student relationship. In order that University business is conducted in a professional and proper manner it is necessary to distinguish between, and take account of, personal relationships which overlap with professional ones. The Consensual Relationships Policy (below) provides information and guidance on such situations:

The University recognises that employee alcohol, drug, and substance misuse issues are matters of health, which may cause personal and work-related issues.  In order to support employees, assistance can be offered to individuals who accept they have a problem related to alcohol, drug or substance misuse.  The document in this section provides full details of the principles and procedures in place to address such matters: