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Reward & Recognition

The University is committed to engaging all employees, encouraging them to achieve their personal performance targets and development plans. Our aspirations are to be an employer of choice in the Higher Education Sector that attracts and retains talent, where employees are rewarded and recognised for their contribution. The University has a number of arrangements in place that aim to ensure fairness and drive employee motivation and performance, these can be found on this page and include: payscales, job evaluation, regrading, lecturer and professorial promotions, and the organisation's Merit Award scheme.

Please note, in the 'Training Courses' area on the right side of the page you will find links to online courses available through Blackboard, once selected, please log-in using your normal University username and password.  Information on further courses and development services can be found on the general Staff Development page.

We have developed My Salford as a one-stop-shop for fantastic employee discounts and benefits.

It is a new online employee benefits portal that also includes a brand-new colleague recognition scheme.

Please read the My Salford FAQ's & My Salford Launch Presentation

How To Login

Just follow these steps to log in to My Salford:

  • You can visit or follow the link to My Salford on the top menu of the Staff Channel, using Google Chrome or Firefox to get the very best experience.
  • If you are using a laptop, please zoom out to see the full screen.
  • You can go online 24/7 using your work computer or your personal mobile or tablet.
  • Just log in using your normal University network ID and password
  • You will be asked to accept the terms and conditions of the programme by ticking the box and clicking accept.
  • Scroll up and down to browse through the portal or go straight to the A-Z index. My Salford is set up to allow Single Sign On, meaning we link to your University network ID i.e. HRS999, and password.  If you change your University password, your My Salford log-in details will also change accordingly.
Through the Merit Awards Scheme the University recognises outstanding individual contribution to strategic objectives and exceptional performance.  The following document provides further information on practice and principles in this area:

For payroll related information, including payroll deadlines, information on travel season ticket loans, and the BenefitsPlus Salary Sacrifice Scheme, please refer to the Finance web pages available here.

Pay scales at the University are determined by a national collective negotiation arrangement with our Trade Unions. Incremental progression through the service-related points in grades 1 to 10 occurs on the incremental date 1st April.  An incremental increase is only applicable to those staff in post for a period of least 6 months before the incremental date. For research staff the incremental increase is the anniversary of appointment. Any nationally negotiated pay increases will normally be applied from 1st August. The University is also an accredited living wage employer and as such pays the living wage rate as a minimum to staff in Grade 1 posts. The document below displays the main pay scales in operation within the University:

Job Evaluation is a systematic and consistent approach to determining the relative size of roles. Job evaluation helps to ensure that reward systems are fair and that the principle of ‘equal pay for work of equal value’ is applied. The documents below provide more information on the HERA (Higher Education Role Analysis), which is the job evaluation scheme used by the University to assess the relative value of each role and to determine the relevant grade for the role.

You will be aware that during the last academic year we adopted a new Strategic Plan, have developed supporting academic sub-strategies and established our Industry Collaboration Zones (ICZ) Programme as the key vehicle by which we will deliver our new strategy, enhance our learning and teaching through exceptional industry partnerships and support growth and diversity in our student numbers. In recognition of this we have reviewed our approach to academic promotions to ensure we have a system/ mechanism that, whilst robust, equitable and fair, provides greater autonomy and agility to Schools to recognise and reward exceptional talent and performance as well as being agile and responsive to the ever changing needs of our students, fellow researchers and industry partners.

We will be moving away from the current process of biannual internal promotions to a model underpinned by devolved accountability at a School level where opportunities for promotion to Senior Lecturer can be created as part of business as usual.  This devolved and flexible approach will enable the School to advertise opportunities at any point during the year and provide greater capacity in allowing the School to maximise progression via the academic career pathway.  This should also aid us in being able to grow and retain our talent.  Responsibility for determining the number of opportunities within parameters linked to budget and structures will be at the discretion of the Dean and aligned to the strategic and operational requirements of the School.

The Professorial Appointments and Promotions Panel meet to consider applications for promotion to Personal Chair and Readerships, nominations for Professor Emeritus status and the appointments of Visiting Professors.  Details of the assessment procedure and application criteria can be found below. Deans of School will notify all eligible members of staff when the University has determined the timetable for the next round of Professorial appointments.

Childcare vouchers offer a cost effective way of financing your childcare, through a 'salary sacrifice' arrangement which will reduce the amount of tax and national insurance you pay in relation to this provision.  All University employees are eligible to join BenefitsPlus Childcare Vouchers if they have a child up to the age of 16, to request to be invited to join the scheme you should contact payroll on: (or call 54193).  It is important to note however that this scheme is administered by a company called Sodexo, so if you'd like detailed information on the benefits, please first visit the following website:  Sodexo/Childcare vouchers

If you have any further queries, please refer to this Frequently Asked Questions document.