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Recruitment & Resourcing

The ability to attract and retain high calibre talent is fundamental to the University’s future success. Our recruitment process aims to introduce individuals to the University who not only have the skills and experience to fulfil a role, but also have the ambition and potential to drive the organisation forward in meeting its strategic objectives. Each role is therefore supported by a tailor made resourcing campaign specifically designed to ensure only the best available talent is identified.  It is key to the successful appointment of individuals that they have the full support of the organisation prior to joining as well as starting out on their employee journey.  This section provides key information in relation to recruitment & resourcing, casual staff, hourly paid academics (HPAs), onboarding & induction and probation processes.

Please note, in the 'Training Courses' area on the right side of the page you will find links to online courses available through Blackboard, once selected, please log-in using your normal University username and password.  Information on further courses and development services can be found on the general Staff Development page.

Recruitment of the right people, at the right time, at the right cost is key to supporting the University in meeting its strategic objectives.  For recruitment undertaken, a resourcing plan can be developed which aims to maximise the promotion of a vacancy using a blend of traditional media and social media platforms (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook).  The Resourcing Team are available to support with this planning and can be contacted on 52121.  The team also work in accordance with the Recruitment Code of Practice (currently under review) which is in place to ensure individuals are selected in a fair, open and transparent manner.  You should refer to this document in the first instance for guidance on these practices and principles, other key guidance documents and operational forms are also available below:

Guidance Documents

Operational Forms (Recruitment).  For 'Job Detail Templates' please go to the Policies & Forms page.

Fixed Term Contracts

Within periods of considerable workload, when there is no capacity to fulfil requirements, an hourly paid academic worker could provide temporary cover until normal work levels can resume.  You can find below an Hourly Paid Academic recommendation form and the associated processes that govern their appointment and changes to working arrangements:

For all temporary assignments between Grades 1 – 6, a request should be made in the first instance to the University in-house recruitment agency (Unitemps) to provide suitable resource.  If, on the rare occasion Unitemps cannot provide the required resource the temporary vacancy should be sent to REED who are the University’s preferred supplier for the provision of temporary Administrative and Ancillary staff.  The documents below provide guidance on the University’s sourcing process, approval routes and how we ensure adherence to our obligations under the Agency Workers Regulations 2010.  Please note that the issuing of temporary assignments to REED for Grades 1 – 6 should only occur if and when Unitemps are unable to provide the requested resource.

In the first instance a hiring manager should complete a Unitemps booking form.  There are 2 types of booking forms – a Unitemps Direct (non-advertising) Booking Form which should be used by hiring managers who already know the identity of the individual they wish to recruit, and a Unitemps Vacancy (Advertising) Form which should be used by hiring managers who do not know the identity of the individual who will be recruited and they wish to advertise their role on Unitemps website.  

You can contact Unitemps on 0161 295 6326/6325, or email them on

Within periods of considerable workload, when there is no capacity to fulfil requirements, a casual staff member could provide temporary cover until normal work levels can resume. 

As you may know, the University has set up an on-site recruitment agency – Unitemps - to support students and graduates in finding part time work, and to assist you by making the process of recruiting temporary or casual workers quicker and easier.

How do I contact Unitemps?

You can speak to Unitemps staff 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday at the Unitemps Information Desk in University House, email or telephone 0161 295 6326 / 6325.

Onboarding new employees to the University encompasses the complete range of tasks involved in successfully engaging a new employee into the organisation. Once the employee has joined – an induction program will be designed to provide introductory meetings, information and guidance to enable them to quickly adjust to a new environment and begin productive work as quickly as possible.  To support managers a guidance document is available below as well as a link to the University Induction page:

All new employees to the University are subject to a probation period which is designed to support them while they are settling into their new role. The probation period also assesses the employee’s suitability for the role and provides a framework within which any areas of concern can be identified, addressed and resolved. Please refer to the following document for detail on the principles and procedures for this area: