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Occupational Health

As part of our staff health and wellbeing commitment, it is vital that the University is able to provide long-term sustainable and efficient delivery of occupational health services. In line with this commitment, Health Management Limited (HML) is in place as our external partner to provide a range of occupational health support services.  HML is a major national provider with considerable experience of delivering occupational health services throughout the UK, including to local authorities, health and higher education sectors.

If you are a manager you will now need to create an online profile in order to make health assessment referrals on behalf of your team members. The drop downs below provide guidance on how you can do this, they also provide further information on the switch to HML services, which was effective from 01/04/2016.

The University is committed to promoting the health and wellbeing of all our employees and supporting them through periods of ill health. Some employees may benefit from undergoing a health assessment which will allow them and their manager understand more about a potential condition, how it can impact their work duties, or their progress in returning to work from a period of absence. HML are the University's provider of occupational health support services, in order to make referrals on behalf of their team members line managers are required to set-up an online profile with HML, they will then be able to raise requests.

Please note, only line managers should create an online profile and raise requests. As such, if you are an employee in need of additional support, please speak with your line manager in the first instance.

Setting up a profile

Please follow these steps to create a profile:

  • Please first email and request a verification code
  • The HR Team will respond by providing you with a verification code that you'll need to use when setting-up your profile
  • Once you have the verification code, you'll need go to the following website page, from the options select 'Register'.
  • You will be required to complete a number of fields, it is important that for the 'Line Manager' field you select 'UoS-OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SUPPORT, 1'. This is required so the HR Team can facilitate your request with HML, you don't need to select your actual line manager within the University.
  • Once you have provided all your details and selected 'Register Now' you will be sent an email from the HML system.  Once you open this email and provide verification you'll be able to use the system.
  • If you require more support with this, please read the 'How to Register on the online portal' guidance document or email

Making a referral

Please following these steps to raise a request for a health assessment:

  • Click on the link to access the secure HML website ( Insert the username and password you've previously created.  You will then be presented with a number of options on the top menu bar
  • You should then select ‘Make a Referral’ you can then log-on and complete the referral for the employee, providing as much information as possible.  The following guidance document is useful, providing information on how to use the system and what information should be submitted:  'How to make a quality referral'.
  • When all information is added to the online referral form, select “send”.  This will submit the referral to HR Services for checking. HR services will support you in ensuring that the content is appropriate and complete.
  • HR Services will then send to HML and formally make the referral on your behalf.
  • At any time in the future, you can access the website and check the status of the referral and where in the process it is.

All services provided by HML are dealt with in the strictest confidence and information is only disclosed to third parties with the individual’s explicit consent.

'Health Management Limited' (HML) is an Occupational Health services provider, which supports organisations by providing clinical and advisory medical services to employees, which aim to allow preventative measures and can also support individuals returning to work from a period of absence.

HML is a major national provider with considerable experience of delivering occupational health services throughout the UK, including to local authorities, health and higher education sectors. HML will be the University's Occupational Health is committed to delivering high quality services to our employees, their services became effective on 01/04/2016.

By working in partnership with a national, experienced occupational health provider we will be able to provide long-term, sustainable and efficient delivery of occupational health services for our staff.  We anticipate there will be many benefits from working with HML including a five-day service, stronger clinical governance and quicker access to advice and support for managers and staff. HML services have replaced our previous Occupational Health resource which is available from Crescent House.

The HML clinic is based at the following arrangements.  Employees required to travel to this location should enquire with their line manager in the first instance if support is required with travel arrangements.  This could be due to a mobility impairment.

Health Management (Manchester), Health Management Clinic

Third Floor

Manchester ONE

53 Portland Street


M1 3LD

With the introduction of HML services on 01/04/2016 new starters will not be required to complete a 'Health Assessment Questionnaire' through the online application system (WCN), which is current practice. Alternatively, all new starters, with the exception of some select roles, will complete a 'Health Declaration Form' which will be included in their offer pack.   This form will allow an evaluation on whether there are any medical conditions which might affect work performance in the role and, therefore, require further evaluation. If this is required HR will discuss this with the relevant Hiring Manager and also arrange for a further assessment with HML for the employee.

If you would like to attend a briefing session with the HR Team please email to request a place.  Sessions will be organised on a demand basis, as such, when a reasonable number of requests have been made a session will be arranged and you will be made aware of the date.  If you haven't seen already, guidance documents are already available under the 'Making a referral with HML (Occupational Health Services)' drop-down, which is on the general Occupational Health page.

There will be no changes to the staff helpline, physiotherapy and counselling services. Employees will continue to be able to access the full range of support available directly.

Please note however, these services are not provided by HML, they will still be offered through our current providers and should be contacted directly via the information available on the Occupational Health webpage.

The new occupational health service provider (HML) must have access to occupational health files to ensure that they can provide best available advice, therefore any relevant records will be transfered to them.  All medical records held by HML are done so securely and confidentially in accordance with the regulations relating to the Data Protection Act 1998, and the Medical Reports Act. Furthermore, access to clinical data is restricted to HML occupational health professionals and only when specifically required.

Written consent of employees would be required before access to clinical information may be granted to any additional (i.e. non HML) third party. If you have a query or concern about the transfer of your occupational health records please email: in the first instance.

Occupational Health offers health & wellbeing services to all staff employed at the University of Salford. All medical advice and treatment will be treated with complete confidentiality and no information will be disclosed without your consent

Occupational Health clinics will be run on a regular basis and advertised on US online.

  • Blood pressure checks
  • Cholesterol and glucose testing
  • Body Mass Index
  • General health advice
  • Stop smoking advice

The physiotherapy service aims to provide high quality advice, education and treatment for people who suffer with musculoskeletal problems.

We tackle a broad range of injuries with expert patient care, easing the road to recovery and helping a speedy return to optimal health. We respect the individual's personal needs and offer as much or as little support as they require.

The clinic service is provided weekly and is open to all staff.

For more information please contact Jane Billson, telephone number 07885 439656 or email

In-House Counselling Service

The service is delivered on-site in the Crescent House building. Counselling is available to all employees who are experiencing difficulties in their personal lives or workplace. These issues might include stress, anxiety, low mood, depression, loss, bereavement, relationship issues or departmental and career changes.

The in-house Counselling Service offers a safe, non-judgmental place where you can talk in confidence to one of the two counsellors, Heather Greenbank and Elli Keavey. They are both qualified, registered and British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Accredited therapists with years of experience of working in mental health. Both Elli and Heather are qualified Mindfulness trainers, and can integrate mindfulness into the therapy sessions, if people would find this useful.

All enquiries are dealt with in the strictest confidence.

To refer yourself for in-house counselling, you can simply email them at this address:

If you are unsure if counselling is for you, you can read about what counselling can offer in the counselling factsheet.

Alternatively, staff can access Counselling directly through our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) by the free, confidential telephone support helpline. This service can be accessed 24 hours a day. All enquiries are dealt with in the strictest confidence. The EAP Support Helpline number is 0800 716 017.

Occupational Health focuses on positive messages about improving health and enjoyment of life through healthy choices. In making these choices people have a right to accurate information, which is neither misleading or sensationalist.

For support to stop smoking visit:

British Heart Foundation website

Salford City Council website

 NHS Advice Line and for local support in your area

Look at apps to support you on the NHS Quit Smoking health apps library.




Musculoskeletal disorders are the most common occupational illnesses in Great Britain, affecting 1 million people a year. They include problems such as low back pain, joint injuries and repetitive strain injuries.

Taking care of our bodies can not only improve well-being, but can reduce the number of working days lost through poor health. 

Display Screen Equipment 

The Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 (as amended) identify workers to whom the regulations apply and describe these as "employees who habitually use DSE for the purpose of an employer's undertaking as a significant part of their normal work".

Employees who use DSE during their normal work are required to assess their own workstation annually. this is achieved by completing the DSE assessment form.

If any health related issues are highlighted during the assessment, contact Occupational Health for further advice and a possible site visit.

Site Visits

Occupational Health can provide professional advice on the health aspects of work and any work-related ill health. Following a new diagnosis of work-related ill health, or following a DSE assessment, a visit to the workplace may be undertaken by Occupational Health. this will be to provide specialist advice regarding workplace adaptation.


Some health and safety regulations require employers to provide health surveillance for their employees.

What is health surveillance?

Health surveillance is about systematically watching out for early signs of work-related ill health in employees who may be exposed to certain health risks as a preventative measure. It means putting in place certain procedures to achieve this.

Who needs health surveillance?

Your manager will assess if any health surveillance us required whilst undertaking risk assessments of your job and role. If any are required, Occupational Health will arrange appointments for you of send a questionnaire for you to complete.

The EAP website offers a wealth of information on a diverse range of topics, including:

  • Home life  
  • Work Life  
  • Emotional Health  
  • Physical Health  
  • Managers' Support  

To find out more about the EAP web resource, click here.

Telephone Helpline

In addition to the web resource, there is also access to a free, confidential telephone support helpline.

If you wish to contact the Support Helpline, call 0800 716 017.

All enquiries are dealt with in the strictest confidence.