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Staff development sessions in Salford Advantage

All staff development sessions can now be accessed on the Staff Development Page.

We have moved all our sessions into a new system (Salford Advantage) and we hope that you find the booking process easy to use. If you are not registered with Salford Advantage you will need to do so by following a few simple steps (outlined below):

1. Click on the link to access Salford Advantage

2. Click on the ‘Staff Member’ button

3. Enter your University username and password where the ‘Welcome to Advantage’ screen appears

4. Enter your details in the ‘Required Fields’ areas i.e. name/surname/email address

5. Click on the ‘Register’ button

6. You will be sent a registration email – please follow the link in the email as you will receive an error message at this point

7. Please note it can take up to 24 hours to update your access to the bookings system

8. Click on the ‘Events’ tab to access staff development sessions (please note other divisions in the University use this system so in order to access ‘staff development’ sessions choose this from the drop down option below i.e. ‘Type of Event’)


Now that you are registered with Salford Advantage you can browse sessions in the events area or you can click on direct links from the staff development area of the HR website. If you have any problems following the above process or any queries don’t hesitate to contact:

Contact: 52121