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Leave & Absence

The University is committed to developing work practices and policies which support employee development and work-life balance, as such various types of leave can be facilitated. It is also recognised however that during the course of employment individuals may occasionally be absent from work, therefore the University is committed to managing attendance to ensure that any disruption to the effective running of the University is minimised. In this section you will find the policies and documentation associated with leave and absence.

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Annual leave is an important part of the benefits package and for an employee provides one way of maintaining an appropriate balance between work and home life.  All annual leave requests are subject to line management approval which ensures that the period granted acknowledges the needs of both the individual and the University.  Further guidance is available in the following document, employee requests can be made by a hardcopy request card which can be provided by the line manager:

The University is committed to ensuring the health and well-being of all our employees and supporting them through periods of absence. We believe that high levels of attendance allow for delivery of a quality service to our students and effective operation of our organisation. The University’s Sickness Absence Policy is designed to provide guidelines that enable us to uphold these aims:

The support and development of employees is of paramount importance within the University. Study and Special Leave offers an opportunity for a period of uninterrupted study or involvement with a new or continually developing area of work. Applications under this procedure would need to be for periods of more than one month and up to one year, and the requestor would need to meet the eligibility criteria as detailed within the procedure (below). Applications for periods of less than one moth should be made under a Casual Leave request which is included in the ‘Other Leave’ section.

This provides forms and guidance for various forms of leave that may be granted to an employee, the circumstances that would apply and the necessary process for authorisation and administration. Included within this category is Jury Service and Leave to carry out Public Duties, Compassionate Leave, Doctor/Dentist and Hospital Appointments, Leave for Domestic Personal Reasons and Casual Leave:

The University runs a salary sacrifice scheme to give colleagues the opportunity to exchange a proportion of their salary for additional annual leave.

The window to apply for Additional Annual Leave will be open from 17th June 2019 to 12th July 2019. Our new online portal enables you to get estimates using the calculator function and, during the application window, you can generate your salary sacrifice agreement. 

You can access the portal through the Additional Annual Leave section of My Salford -