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Travel Safety

This site must be used in conjunction with the Policy and Code of Practice for Travel and Fieldwork. These documents outline the specific responsibilities and approach for planning your trip. The Code of Practice also contains details of how to obtain the username and password for accessing this Control Risks Site.

Travel and Fieldwork Policy

Travel and Fieldwork Code of Practice

All travel must be properly planned and the Control Risks website must be interrogated during the planning process and prior to travelling. This will enable Trip Planners to determine if it is safe to travel and any precautions that may be needed.

The site outlines the risk classification of any trip and gives advice on the items below.

  • General security advice for all travellers
  • Accommodation
  • Travel Advice
  • World Calendar of significant events
  • Evacuation requirements

Information about the specific health requirements of the trip, which are relevant to the destination being visited, can be found at: NaTHNaC

If you require access to the Control Risk website off campus you will need to contact Health, Safety & Wellbeing or the Finance Helpdesk for the appropriate link and passwords, as detailed in the Code of Practice.