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Travel Safety

This site must be used in conjunction with the Policy and Code of Practice for Travel and Fieldwork. These documents outline the specific responsibilities and approach for planning your trip.

Travel and Fieldwork Policy

Travel and Fieldwork Code of Practice

Travel Risk Assessment Form

In addition, a number of links are included below that will aid you with preparing yourself and other travellers for your trip.

All travel must be properly planned and the Travel Security website (Drum Cussac) must be interrogated during the planning process and prior to travelling. This will enable Trip Planners to determine if it is safe to travel; any precautions that may be needed; and help with their risk assessment.

The first time you use the site you will need to fill in your details and set up a password. You will  need your institutional email to do this. You can then access the site from anywhere.

After you register with Drum Cussac, you can create your own personal Situation Alert preference

The vast majority of all journeys are completed without incident but occasionally, regardless of how careful you are, things can go wrong. To help you make sure that you won’t need a claim form when you get home, here are a few tips to raise your awareness and help you manage if the  unexpected does happen to you.

Pre-Travel advice – this site includes information about how to access the e-learning package that is available to staff and students and contains useful information prior to travelling.

In the event of an emergency whilst travelling, call Global Response for advice and assistance. This service is operated by a team of multi-lingual coordinators at Global Response in the UK, who can be contacted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You can also find foreign travel information and advice on the FCO website. This includes general information on the country to assist in your risk assessment process and also advice on whether the FCO has warned against travel to a particular country.

Information about the specific health requirements of the trip, which are relevant to the destination being visited, can be found at: