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DSE Assessment

Completing your DSE Assessment

To complete your assessment, please use the link below. If you need further guidance or support, please contact Health, Safety & Wellbeing using the Local Safety Contacts information on our webpage.

DSE Assessment

If, following an assessment, an individual identifies that replacement equipment is needed, there are a number of options available for sourcing this.


The University of Salford has joined WARP-it (Waste Action Reuse Portal), a redistribution network, which works in a similar way to Ebay or Freecycle but for organisations rather than individuals. WARP-it makes it easy for departments to give away, loan or claim items unwanted by others within the organisation and beyond. The scheme encourages reuse, saves money and carbon.

Items which can currently be reused include furniture, stationery and unused printer cartridges. It is not possible at present to offer electrical items.

New Equipment

If there is nothing suitable via this reuse facility, the University’s supplier of new furniture is Southerns. The University has negotiated special rates on a specific chair, which is suitable for all office environments. The standard model can be enhanced and personalised to suit the individual with addition of adjustable arms, lumbar support, etc. for a small extra cost. The details of the chair and options is available here.

Ergonomic Assessments

If an individual has had an ergonomic assessment carried out by the physiotherapist, as a result of them identifying a disability or an ongoing medical issue, the equipment that is required will be detailed in the report they receive. It is the responsibility of the individual to discuss with you what equipment is needed, so that you are able to purchase this for them.  A copy of the report will be sent to the manager identifying what equipment is required. The report will contain no medically confidential information.

In the majority of cases the furniture can be purchased through Southerns. The standard ergonomic chair is suitable for most situations; if the individual needs something unique to their needs, this will be highlighted in the report. The details of the chair and options is available here.

For all other peripheral equipment, the details and supplier will also be highlighted.

It is the responsibility of the employing department to purchase and pay for any equipment that is determined as being needed from the ergonomic assessment.