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Safeguarding affects all staff in the University. Safeguarding is about preventing harm and reducing the risk of abuse or neglect to children or to adults with care and support needs (also known as adults at risk). Safeguarding concerns may arise during everyday work, teaching or placement and work based learning.
The Safeguarding Policy is a set of requirements to safeguard children and adults at risk (or who may be considered vulnerable). The University aims to adopt the highest possible standards and to adopt all reasonable steps in relation to the safety and welfare of all vulnerable groups in the course of its work. The Policy outlines what to do and why and states that every member of the University has a role to play. The University will not tolerate the abuse, neglect and misuse of anyone. The Safeguarding Policy is located on the University Policies & Procedures Pages  or under ‘S’ on the Staff Channel A-Z index.

To complement the Safeguarding Policy there is a brief Safeguarding E-learning toolkit (15 minutes) for staff which covers the core elements:

  • basic understanding of what safeguarding is
  • knowledge of what to do if you have some concerns
The E-learning toolkit can be accessed using the link below or via the Blackboard Professional & Organisational Staff Development site (‘Safeguarding’ is listed on the left hand menu). Once you’ve worked through the Safeguarding E-learning toolkit and have completed the knowledge check, please close the safeguarding toolkit and then click the Mark Reviewed button. Ticking the Mark Reviewed button indicates that you have formally completed the toolkit and this will be reflected on your personal training record within HR.

Click here to access the Safeguarding E-learning toolkit within Blackboard