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Welcome to the University e-PDR page!  This system has been introduced within the Professional Services areas (with the exception of manual and ancillary staff groups), from the 2015/2016 cycle.

e-PDR will allow you to input, track and review progress against your SMART (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) objectives and competencies through an online interactive system. This does not replace the discussions you have on performance and development, it will enhance them. This replaces the paper format and is an online electronic tool to develop objectives aligned to the strategic objectives of the University, capture your development needs linked to your role and objectives, set and review competency expectations for behavior, and also allow for your career aspirations to be captured.

To understand the e-PDR in greater detail, you should access e-learning packages which will introduce you to the system and provide you with an overview of how to navigate through the home page and other key sections. User guides are also available in the section below which will provide you with additional support resources you can download for future reference.  After reviewing these support materials, the e-PDR system can be accessed through the icon on the right.

1.Click on the e-Learning button to the right of the page which will take you to the Blackboard log in page, please log in using your username and password, this will take you directly to the New e-PDR and Salford Competencies blackboard site.

2.Alternatively, you can also access theBlackboard site through the normal route and follow steps 3 and 4 to take you to the relevant page.

3.Find the My Organisationstile on the left hand side and click on Professional & Organisational Staff Development.

4.In the left hand menu bar, click on New e-PDR and Salford Competencies
The following contents will appear:

  • Introduction
  • e-PDR e-Learning
  • e-PDR Learning Resources
  • Salford Competencies Framework

5.In addition, in the e-PDR Learning Resources folder, you will find a full table of contents covering the individual elements outside of the e-learning required to understand the e-PDR system, a video introducing the different functions, and access to the interactive process map where you can watch all of the videos covering each of the steps required for the PDR cycle.

The following user guides are available to support managers and employees navigating and administering the e-PDR system, these accompany the e-learning materials that are also available through Blackboard:

PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent changes within the e-PDR system steps 1, 1.1 and 2 for the Line Manager and step 1 for the Employee can now be completed collaboratively without the need to send the form to either party. The employee must still complete stage 1 before the line manager can finalise the form and complete the objective setting stage in the PDR cycle. These changes will take effect from the beginning of the 2016/17 PDR cycle.

Line Manager



If you have a query regarding e-PDR system administration, the e-PDR system admin team can be contacted by email: Or by telephone on 0161 295 52121 (option 2)

If you have a query around general performance management, please contact our professional HR advice team by email on: Or by telephone on 0161 295 52121 (option 3)