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Team Development

For a team to operate successfully and harmoniously, the development needs of the team as a whole are just as important as the personal needs of individual team members. A common development need includes clashing working styles of team members and a lack of understanding of the benefits that different working styles can bring to the whole team. On the other hand, some teams work together very smoothly from a personality perspective but could do with ‘raising its game’ in a particular skill area overall, e.g. customer service.

To help managers to identify and work on team development needs, the Human Resources Department currently delivers two sessions in-house which are available on demand. 

We also have experienced staff developers on hand to advise managers on bespoke team development and work with you to come up with the best solution for you and your team. This may include activities such as team profiling, e.g. Myers Briggs or the ‘Team Management Profile’ tools, a 360 degree feedback tool, action learning sets, or an internal bespoke course to meet a specific blend of your team’s needs.

On Demand Sessions

  • Customer Service Excellence in Teams
    Description: In a more and more service orientated society the delivery of customer service excellence as a priority has never been more important than it is right now. The higher education market is more competitive than ever before and the way that we deal with our prospective and existing students and employees is vital to ensure we remain competitive.

  • Working Together Effectively
    Description: This workshop will help you understand how teams operate most effectively in the workplace. Using some well-established models and theories, you’ll gain insight into your preferred role within a team, and the preferences of others. You’ll consider how this might apply to your own team and what the team leader or manager might do to support effective teamworking and development.

To request further information, be put on a waiting list or to arrange a bespoke version of this training please email HR Development