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Managing People

Through this page you can book onto workshops & toolkits dedicated to key areas of People Management. They are suitable for employees new to the university and/or management and all for those managers who require refresher training on the current policies and procedures. These people manager sessions cover all the essentials of people management practice at Salford and an overview of the policies and procedures that you’ll be expected to understand and utilise as a manager. It comprises;

  1. Recruitment & Selection training – Facilitated by a member of the Resourcing & Talent Team
  2. PDR Reviewer training – Facilitated by a Learning & Development Specialist
  3. People Management Frameworks training; Managing Attendance – Facilitated by a member of the Employee Relations Team
    Managing Discipline (Online toolkit only)   Managing Grievance (Online toolkit only)

Please note: these are mandatory induction sessions for all newly appointed people managers who have a probation period attached to their appointment. It is recognised that appointees are often very experienced line managers but as expectations and policies vary between organisations, all new managers must attend these sessions. Other managers are also welcome to attend.

Recruitment & Selection WorkshopWhich member of staff to recruit to a role is one of the most important decisions that a manager can make. This workshop package which also includes completion of an online toolkit will provide advice and guidance on how to recruit in the right way, in line with University procedures and in line with our legal requirements.

PDR Reviewer training- The University’s PDR cycle is one of the key enablers of delivering our strategy. It provides a framework for regular, quality discussions between individuals and their line manager.The workshop covers PDR for both academic and professional services staff, and will provide guidance on how to make PDR work effectively through the skills you will need to use, as well as how the cycle works. It is suitable for anyone who is a PDR reviewer.

Managing Attendance - Book nowThis workshop contains development activities and resources for People Managers who wish to improve their knowledge and skills to effectively manage sickness absence and are facilitated by the Employee Relations Advisory team. There is also a Managing Attendance toolkit to complete.

Managing Discipline - Online Toolkit - This toolkit is designed for People Managers with a view to improving their knowledge and skills in applying the University disciplinary procedure. 

Managing Grievance  - Online ToolkitThis toolkit is designed for People Managers wanting to improve their knowledge and skills in applying the University grievance procedure.

Managing Mental Health Wellbeing in the workplace - Book now

We also provide courses to improve managers awareness of mental health wellbeing within their teams.  These 1 day workshops provide an overview of some of the challenges managers might face and guidance on the best practice for managing such issues. We also provide sessions for supporting students which looks at a wide range of mental health conditions and what affects our mental health.

Please book into Salford Advantage using your normal University username & password