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ILM Level 3 Award in First Line Management

We actively develop our first line managers. One of the ways is through formal learning and qualifications.

We have now developed our Salford Managers programme to replace the ILM Level 3 Programme previously offered to colleagues.

Salford Managers' Programme 

Having managers that are supported in their role, with opportunities to develop is key to success at Salford. Our ‘Salford Managers’ programme provides development support, experiential learning opportunities and supports your networking and growth to help you manage people, departments and projects. We also run Management Skills Masterclasses, providing short bursts of learning on key topics, online resources, coaching and bespoke solutions. These all clarify expectations and developing knowledge, skills and behaviours.

At Salford we are determined to ensure that we are sustainable by rising to the challenges through providing an excellent student experience, world class research and value for money. By investing in our people and improving our management capability, the aim is to ensure that we are not only excellent, that we are effective and efficient in all our activity. 

The focus in the first instance is on new managers (either brand new to the institution or newly promoted into a management role), with an emphasis on shifting our practice and culture. The Salford Managers’ Programme will provide support over 6 months whilst new managers settle into their role, and establish relationships, team culture and strategic direction.

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Contact Us

If you have started a management role in the last 12 months and are yet to hear from us please drop us a line at;

Stepping up to Management

Considering making that move in to management but feel you don't have the experience or are not sure what skills you need to be successful in that role? Take a look at the resources we've collected HERE that may offer you some guidance.

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Please note – These toolkits are accessible to all staff through our learning portal Blackboard. Please feel free to complete any of these toolkits to support your development.

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