How will I study mathematics?

Maths is at the heart of everything. At Salford, our mathematics course is designed so that you build both a mathematical mind and a work-ready skillset relevant for our increasingly data-driven society. Blending the breadth of algebra, probability, and statistics, enriched with mathematics applied to business and vector calculus, our mathematics degree is ideal for those with an investigative mind. You will develop problem-solving skills applicable in almost every industry.

Lectures and Tutorials

Mathematics students working at computers

Lectures and tutorials are a key part of building a strong base of mathematical knowledge. You will experience teaching from our highly-skilled lecturers, who have real-world experience and are active researchers in their specialised areas.

During your studies, you will experience a modern learning environment, with accessible lecture theatres and AV-equipped classrooms, computing suites and multimedia libraries, with access to industry journals, databases, and simulation software. 

Practical Projects

Students collaborating

As a mathematics student at Salford you will experience practical workshops, case studies, project work and group assignments to help you apply the knowledge you gain in your lectures to real-life. You will take workshops in our professional computer suites to study mathematical modelling and problem solving methods. 

You will learn to apply your mathematical skills to areas that will make a difference to society. For example in your final year you will undertake a research project to develop a mathematical model within a challenging theme, such as climate change, nanotechnology, renewable energy and sustainable economics. 

Self-Directed Study

Successful knowledge-building means lots of study time.  Whether you are collaborating with your course mates on a group project, or working your way through the latest tutorial reading list, you'll spend lots of time in our library.

Inside Clifford Whitworth library

Our recently-refurbished Clifford Whitworth Library has lots of physical and virtual resources that will support your mathematic studies. The modern learning space includes computing suites and multimedia libraries, with access to journals, databases, and software.

With an onsite cafe, breakout areas, comfy chairs and 24-hour access, it is also the perfect place for writing up lecture notes and finalising assignments - day or night!

Dedicated Drop-In Service

Computer science students working together

You will learn in a supportive environment throughout your time as a mathematics student at Salford. You will have access to MathScope, our dedicated drop-in service which runs throughout each semester and is staffed by our experienced tutors. Simply come by with any maths-related problem that you have and you'll be able to receive guidance on how to solve it.