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School of Health Sciences

Occupational Health

Student Occupational Health provides a confidential service to all students and applicants in the School of Health Sciences and the School of Health and Society. 


Student Occupational Health
The University of Salford
Room L730
Allerton Building
Frederick Road Campus
M6  6PU

T: +44(0)161 295 6273

Opening Hours

Monday 8.30am - 4pm
Tuesday 8.30am - 4pm
Wednesday 8.30am - 12.30pm
Thursday 8.30am - 4pm
Friday 8.30am - 4pm

Closed for lunch 12pm - 1pm

Useful Links

Up to six months before your course commences you will be sent an email, telling you to download a form that need to be completed and returned to the University of Salford Student Occupational Health. Please click on the links below to download:

The form must be downloaded, printed and completed in full. Please make sure you declare all medical conditions both past and present.

The completed form (do not separate sections) should then be taken to your GP surgery for completion. Please be aware that your GP could take up to six weeks to complete this form.

Ensure that the GP surgery has fully completed and stamped the form with the practice stamp,prior to it being returned to the University of Salford Student Occupational Health.

The form must be returned to Student Occupational Health on the address listed below. Alternatively we now accept scanned copies and these can be emailed to Please ensure they are a single document in a PDF format. The document must be legible. If it is not legible these will be returned.

Student Occupational Health
The University of Salford
Room L730
Allerton Building
Frederick Road Campus
Salford M6 6PU

On receipt of both forms Student Occupational Health Department will contact you with an appointment to see an occupational health nurse. Please be advised that the department cannot take responsibility for children during your appointment.

At this appointment the nurse will discuss any health issues you have disclosed, both past and present, and will discuss the information on your GP form and review your vaccination history. Using this information they will assess if you meet the criteria to be deemed fit to practice.

This appointment could take up to 45 minutes and may involve a blood test, so please wear suitable clothing. Also make sure you have eaten and had something to drink prior to your appointment.

Occasionally there may be a requirement to refer you to the OH physician prior to any decision of fitness to train being made.

Once you have successfully completed your health screening assessment, you will be considered fit to undertake clinical placement and your School/College will be issued with a Fitness to Train Certificate. This allows you to attend clinical placements and clinics during your chosen course. Without your fitness to train certificate you will be unable to attend practice placements.

Student Occupational Health provides all incoming Erasmus students with a health screening assessment by a nurse to confirm that they are medically fit to attend placements.

All students need to submit a health form (PDF), which must be completed, signed and stamped by their medical practitioner.

Download the Health Form for Erasmus Students

Post it to:

Student Occupational Health, The University of Salford, Room L730, Allerton Building, Frederick Road Campus, Salford, M6 6PU, United Kingdom.

We now accept forms via email to Please ensure they are in PDF format. The document must be legible. If it is not legible these will be returned.

The Department of Health states in the “Immunisation Against Infectious Disease” (Green Book 2006) that all health care workers including students are at risk from exposure to hazardous substances including pathogens.  You have a duty of care to protect  patients, colleagues and yourself by completing any required courses of vaccinations, to ensure you are immunised in accordance with the recommendations from the Department of Health.

If you do not complete any stage of your vaccination program i.e. Hepatitis B, your Fitness to Practice certificate may be withdrawn / suspended.

If you are given an appointment, it is imperative that you attend. If you do not attend your appointment, a letter will be sent to your tutors regarding your non-attendance.

If you are on placement or attending lectures at the time of your appointment, please show your letter to your mentor / tutor, who will allow you time  to attend.

Requesting Immunisation History

If you need a copy of your vaccination history you can request via Salford Online Shop. There is a fee of £25.

On receipt of your request we aim to process it within 10 working days.

If you require a copy of your Immunisation history for placement please contact Student Occupational Health.

  • Sharps injuries can be hazardous; there are several blood-borne infections which can cause long term health problems that can be transmitted by sharps, namely Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV.
  • If you have a sharps injury, human bite or splash of bodily fluids in the eye, please report this to the person in charge at your placement. You must then adhere to the current policy of your placement.
  • If your tutor has concerns regarding your health which may affect your fitness to practice status, they may, with your consent refer you to Student Occupational Health. An appointment will be sent to you to see our occupational health physician. After your consultation, the Dr will write a medical report outlining any issues raised and any appropriate actions/adjustments if required. A copy will be made available to you. If the Dr requires further information, he will obtain your consent to write to your GP or consultant. Please note if you do not attend the appointment, it could affect your ability to attend clinical placements.
  • If an employee is new to the NHS (including students) or has no (or inconclusive) evidence of prior BCG vaccination, a Mantoux or interferon-gamma test should be performed. (NICE Clinical Guideline 33, March 2006)
  • At your health screening assessment the nurse will advise you on the immunisations that you require.
  • All the immunisations that we currently give are safe to give together, in accordance with the Green Book 2006.
  • You may be prevented from attending placements and be asked to attend an appointment with our Occupational Health Physician.
  • You are allowed to commence your placements even though you may not have completed your course of immunisations. The nurse will advise you on any precautions you may be required to make.
  • Around 10 to 15% of adults fail to respond to three doses of vaccine or respond poorly. Poor responses are mostly associated with age over 40 years, obesity and smoking (Roome et al., 1993)
  • Please contact the Department and discuss your concerns with the nursing staff.
  • The intake of alcohol is not contraindicated following an immunisation. While there may be some discomfort in your arm, this should not prevent you from undertaking exercise.
  • You can replace your forms by downloading replacements from the Student website
  • If you have an interruption from your course you will be required to submit a new health declaration form and GP form.  If your reason for interruption was medical/health related, then you may be required to attend an appointment with our occupational health physician/nurse.