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School of Health and Society

Social Work and Social Policy

Social work is a challenging and demanding profession. At its core is a concern with social justice and a commitment to working alongside vulnerable and marginalised people and communities to tackle and overcome the barriers they face. The course at Salford is firmly committed to social work’s key values. This includes a recognition that social work has to be based on meaningful partnerships and dialogue with individuals, families and the broader community. Social Policy is the lively and engaging study of how the well-being of individuals, families and diverse groups in society is affected by social issues and government policies. It is concerned with the ways in which different societies organise, finance and deliver welfare services, for example, health care, education and personal social services.

Our undergraduate programmes in sociology and criminology are of great relevance to any student with an interest in contemporary society, particularly with issues surrounding crime and the issue of justice. Our programmes make considerable and increasing use of our industry contacts within the social sector and criminal justice giving you in depth knowledge of real world practice. This can be through anything from guest lectures and placement opportunities to collaborative module delivery.

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Our postgraduate programme allows you to gain a critical and comprehensive overview of the contemporary criminal justice process. It is aimed at criminal justice practitioners, or those intending to work in this field. Our strong and growing links with local and regional criminal justice agencies support a critical and reflective approach to the workings of criminal justice.

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If you are interested in PhD research within this subject area, please find out more here.

Foundation degrees are a chance to sample a subject area at university level, with the flexibility of changing between related degree pathways at the end of the Foundation Year to suit your own interests

These are ideal if you're returning to education or seeking to develop your career in a new direction. These consist of intensive modules which provide the requisite background for specific honours courses for those without the necessary qualifications.

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As the world of work evolves rapidly, we have developed a suite of higher and degree-level apprenticeships, offering a viable alternative to traditional university study.

Our degree apprenticeship programmes open doors to rewarding and challenging careers across a wide range of and our portfolio of programmes is continually developing to meet the needs of today’s employers.  

You will benefit from the expertise of our academics who are leaders in their field as well as the opportunity to continually apply your knowledge in the workplace.

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Social facilities

We have a range of other facilities within the School including our B’Hive social space and Allerton learning space where you have access to a range of literature, computers and study spaces.

It’s always great to hear from our current students and alumni about their experience studying here. Take a look at what our students have to say below.  

My three years at the University of Salford has given me more than a social work degree, it has developed me as a person. The high standard of teaching, and space to develop our own ideas, has fundamentally changed my sociological understanding, and given me the toolkit I need to develop into an  empathic    and    confident social worker. Through learning about the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) through the University, I went on to become Student Representative on their England Committee. Not only did that widen my knowledge about the social work community, it also gave me the opportunity to    speak at their student  conference,    and also the Houses of Parliament, on Social Work Education.  One of Salford's lecturers also facilitated a seminar I ran on Child Sexual Exploitation at the University, with guests speakers including Ann Coffey MP and Dr    Donna Peach. I would strongly recommend the University of Salford to anyone looking to start a career in social work, with committed and supportive lecturers, it will provide you with the foundation blocks you need to begin your social work career.             Kate Plant, BA (Hons) Social Work