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School of Health and Society

Dr Toni Wood

Lecturer in Criminology


Toni is a Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Salford. She holds a PhD in criminology from the University of Salford and has previously graduated with an MRes in Criminology and Socio Legal Studies from the University of Manchester. Prior to this, Toni worked in NHS mental health secure settings. Her main research interests are centred around the health and wellbeing of prisoners and prison staff. Toni is one of the Principal Investigators on the Autism and the Criminal Justice System project. Toni is also coordinator for the Criminal Justice Hub at the University.


  • Programme Leader - Foundation Year in Social Science
  • Module Leader - Understanding Criminology (Foundation Yr)
  • Module Leader - Study Skills (Foundation Yr)

Other modules I teach on:

  • Criminal Justice and Human Rights
  • Theoretical Criminology
  • Understanding Victims and Victimisation
  • Gender Crime and Criminal Justice
  • Prisons and Punishment

Research Interests

Research centres around the health and wellbeing of prisoners in the prison community and the health and wellbeing of prison staff.

Current research:

  1. Autism and the Criminal Justice System - exploring the experiences of prisoners with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) in adult male and female prisons and exploring the awareness of prison staff around these prisoners. This same project will also be conducted in the Young Offenders Institutions, High Security Hospitals (Ashworth, Broadmoor and Rampton), Police custody and will also look at the support services available in the community.
  2. The health and wellbeing of women in local women's centres

Qualifications and Memberships

  • BA (hons) criminology (first class)
  • Res Criminology and Socio Legal Studies
  • PhD Criminology
  • Fellow of the HEA


Wood, T. (forthcoming) Gendered Empathy: the unique similarities between female prison officers and women in prison. Feminist Criminology, Special Issue.

Wood, T. (forthcoming) Two Strikes and You’re Out: Prison Access, NOMS and the Obstacles to New Knowledge. Prison Service Journal.

Allely, C. S., & Wood, T. (2017). Britain’s criminal justice system doesn’t know what to do about autism. January 16, 2017. The Conversation.

Allely, C. S., & Wood, T. (2017). The Impact of Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Criminal Justice System: A Growing Concern. Criminal Justice Hub.

Allely, C. S., Cooper, P., & Wood, T. (2016). Adults with autism in the criminal justice system. Letter. The Psychologist. November edition.

Postgraduate research

Prison and Prisoners

Health and wellbeing in prison

ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) in the Criminal Justice System

Women in Prison

Support for female offenders in the community