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School of Health and Society

Rebecca Rylance

Assistant Director - Health


I worked previously as a senior lecturer in mental health nursing at Liverpool John Moores University and took up the post of Senior Lecturer ( practice placement development) at the University of Salford in the summer of 2016. I have since been appointed as Assistant Director of Health and am currently undertaking my ILM 5 course in Coaching. I'm looking forward to new and exciting challenges ahead!

I am also an external examiner at the University of Staffordshire and have continued to maintain my professional links with clinical practice partners.

I have both an academic and research interest in the physical ill-health experienced by people living with mental health conditions as well as an interest in dementia and person-centre care planning. I have published a number of articles in the academic nursing press and have presented at national and international mental health conferences.

Despite working in academic management, I remain passionate about the nursing curriculum and mental health issues and strive to encourage my students to challenge the status quo and champion the needs of people who live with and experience stigma on a daily basis.

I am currently working towards my PhD by published works; the focus of which will be around mental health nurse education; in particular the post-millennials and how we (HEI) prepare them for nursing practice.


  • Physical health amongst people with mental health issues
  • Person-centred care planning
  • Safewards
  • Technologies in dementia

Research Interests

  • Millennial/post-millennial teaching and learning
  • Physical health amongst people who use mental health services
  • Co-creation of digital innovations in dementia
  • Person centred care planning
  • Mentorship

Qualifications and Memberships

RMN, TCH, BA (Hons), PG Cert (Professional Education), MSc, FHEA


Rylance, R, Daye, S, Chiocci, A, Jones, A, Jones, G, Harper, A, Potter, M, Reece, C and Caldwell, K 2017, 'Do third-year mental health nursing students feel prepared to assess physical health?' , Mental Health Practice, 20 (10) , pp. 26-30.

Rylance, R, Barrett, JE, Sixsmith, P and Ward, D 2017, 'Student nurse mentoring : an evaluative study of the mentor's perspective' , British Journal of Nursing, 26 (7) .

Rylance, R and Graham, P 2017, 'CLINGO - a teaching and learning resource to improve care planning' , Mental Health Practice, 20 (5) .

Rylance, R and Graham, P 2014, 'Does the practice of care planning live up to the theory for mental health nursing students?' , Mental Health Practice, 2 (18) , pp. 30-36.

Rylance, R, Chapman, H and Harrison, J.C 2012, 'Physical health assessment : how do wards based nurses perceive their role?' , Mental Health Practice, 2 (16) , pp. 14-20.

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Postgraduate research

  • Innovation
  • Living Lab
  • Dementia