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School of Health and Society

Dr Jackie Leigh

Reader teaching and learning


I am the first reader teaching and learning in the school. I have a specialist interest in practice learning and I am the lead for the Educational Research and Scholarship research cluster. I am passionate about staff development and leadership development.

I am a healthcare leadership model 360 feedback facilitator and Executive coach. I am non -executive director healthwatch Salford.

I have been awarded multiple tenders and most recently awarded £50,000 to develop and deliver a higher level apprenticeship for executive leadership in schools.


Practice Learning Lead whereby I lead on the vision of the practice based learning across the fields of nursing, social work and joint learning disabilities and nursing programmes.

Pathway Lead for the MSc Nursing (Education) and module lead the MSc Leading Education in Practice Module.

Programme Leader :

  • MSc Leading Education for Health and Social Care Reform, Post Graduate Certificate Leading Education in Practice: Stage 3 Practice Teacher

Research Interests

My research interests are within the field of innovative pedagogies and practice learning. My phD explored the role of the nurse situated within the practice education partnership and I have multiple publications around the patchwork text assessment.

Qualifications and Memberships

Principal Fellow Higher Education Academy

Executive Coach

Registered General Nurse 1986, South Manchester School of Nursing

PhD, Awarded June 2012

MSc Health Professional Education 1999,University of Huddersfield

NMC Recognised Teaching Award (integral component of MSc Health Professional Education 1999, University of Huddersfield

BSc (Hon’s) Nursing 1996, University of London

ENB Higher Award (216) Stoma Care, Level 3, 1996, University of Salford


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Leigh J A., (2014) Modelling suggests authentic leadership from managers influences structural empowerment, job satisfaction and self-rated performance among nurses, Evidence Based Nursing, 17 (2): 55-56

Leigh, J A., (2014) Reconstructing practice-based educator roles through effective practice education partnerships', Journal of Clinical Nursing, 23, (13-14): 1767–2081

Leigh JA., Wild J., Hynes C., Wells S., Anish K., Ashcroft T., (2015) Transforming Community Services through the Use of a Multi-dimensional Clinical Leadership Development Model, Journal of Clinical Nursing, 24 (5-6):749-60

Leigh J A., (2016) Critical Exploration of the Perceived Potential and Actual Experience of the Application of the Salford Leadership Model: Perspective of Key Stakeholders, Report University of Salford