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School of Health and Society

Professor Malcolm Granat


Malcolm Granat is Professor of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Salford. He is engaged in research looking at the quantification of free-living physical behaviour. Malcolm’s interest in activity monitoring, using accelerometer based systems, stems from his early work in the development of novel instrumentation for ambulatory monitoring to evaluate the effectiveness of neuroprosthetic devices.  The focus of his research is the development of outcomes measures, based on physical activity patterns, to quantify the effectiveness of interventions in a range of populations and clinical groups (e.g. stroke, OA, intermittent claudication, heart failure, the older person etc.).  He is also applying these techniques to enhance our understanding of how physical behaviours are affected by environmental and social factors.  Malcolm been involved in setting up the new International Scientific Society for the Measurement of Physical Behaviours (ISMPB), at present he is the Society’s Vice President.   Malcolm is also co-inventor of the activPAL, an accelerometer based physical activity monitoring instrument, which has been widely deployed in many studies worldwide.


Malcolm supervises research by PhD.

Research Interests

Development of new techniques for quantifying free-living physical behaviours

Development of new outcomes based on free-living physical behaviours in a range of populations

Relationship between health and free-living physical behaviour

Falls detection and prediction

Qualifications and Memberships

PhD, BSc

Vice President of the International Society for the Measure of Physical Behaviour


        Publications since 2010:

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