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School of Health and Society

Dr Lyvonne Tume

Reader in Child Health (Critical Care Nursing)


Lyvonne is an intensive care nurse with over 25 years’ experience, both in Australia and the UK. She has been a clinical nurse, manager, nurse educator, lecturer and following completion of her PhD in 2009 a clinical academic and nurse scientist. She continues to maintain her clinical PICU practice a day a week, whilst researching clinically relevant issues. Her main research theme focuses on improving nutrition and enteral feeding, but she also does work around improving the safety of endotracheal suction and suctioning practice, along with non-medical ventilation weaning and improving the safety of children in hospital, with the use of safer systems, educational interventions and early warning scores. She currently leads an NIHR HTA feasibility study on not measuring gastric residual volume in PICU and NICUs and is a co-investigator on 4 other NIHR grants. She is currently the ESPNIC Nursing Past President, on the scientific committee of PICS and the vice chair of the NIHR HTA topic identification panel for maternal, child health and mental health.


Teaching Interests

Children's Critical Care and Research Methods.

Intensive Care, Pediatrics, Cardiac Intensive care, Congenital heart disease, Research

Research Interests

My main program of research relates to optimizing nutrition during children's critical illness, but I also undertake research around intensive care practices such as endotracheal suctioning and non-medical weaning of mechanical ventilation. Other research I am involved with relates to pediatric early warning scores and systems and predicting in-hospital deterioration earlier. I believe multidisciplinary research is the future for intensive care research.

Research Interests

Nutrition in pediatric critical Illness, children's intensive care nursing, weaning mechanical ventilation and endotracheal suctioning.

Qualifications and Memberships

I am the past nursing president for the European Society of Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care (ESPNIC) (2019-2021) and the vice chair of the NIHR HTA Maternal, Child and Mental Health topic identification Panel. I am a member of the Paediatric Intensive Care Society (PICS) education and scientific committee.


Tume LN, Arch B, Woolfall K, Latten L, Deja E, Roper L, Pathan N, Eccleson H, Hickey H, Brown M, Beissel A, Andrzejewska I, Gale C, Valla FV, Dorling J (2019). Gastric Residual Volume measurement in UK paediatric intensive care units: a survey of practice. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

Tume LN, Frédéric V Valla, Alejandro Floh, Praveen Goday, Corinne Jotterand Chaparro, Bodil Larsen, Jan Hau Lee, Yara M F Moreno, Nazima Pathan, Sascha Verbruggen, Nilesh M. Mehta (2018) Priorities for nutrition research in pediatric critical care. JPEN

Tume LN, Valla FV.(2018) A review of feeding intolerance in critically ill children. Eur J Peds DOI: 10.1007/s00431-018-3229-4

Tume LN, Bickerstaff A, Latten L, Davies S, Lefèvre M,Nicolas G, Valla FV Routine gastric residual volume measurement and energy target achievement in the PICU: a comparison study. (2017) European Journal Peds: Epub DOI: 10.1007/s00431-017-3015-8

Tume LN, Baines PB, Guerrero R, Hurley MA, Johnson R, Kalantre A, Ramaraj R, Ritson P, Scott E, Walsh L, Arnold P (2017) Pilot study comparing closed versus open tracheal suctioning in post-operative neonates and infants with complex congenital heart disease. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

Postgraduate research

1.All aspects of nutrition and feeding in pediatric critical illness

2.Nursing practices in pediatric critical care including endotracheal suctioning

3.Weaning of mechanical ventilation in pediatric critical care and non-invasive ventilation

4. Identifying and improving quality indicators in Pediatric Intensive care Nursing

5. Nurse staffing levels in PIC and improving evidence-based nursing practice