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School of Health and Society

Dr Joan Livesley

Senior Lecturer in Multi Professional Postgraduate Studies


Following and extensive period of nursing practice with children and their families in a children’s intensive care unit, children’s renal unit as children’s intravenous therapy I joined the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Care in 1986. She is a senior lecturer in Child Health and is published in the field of children in hospital, safeguarding children and young people, inter-agency working and evidence-based practice. She undertakes research in partnership with children, young people and their families and staff who work with them. She is especially interested in privileging the voice of children and young people regarding their experiences.

She is qualified in adult and children’s nursing, has a clinical background in services for children in hospital and the community and holds an MA in child and family services. Since she has completed a PhD, Children’s experiences as hospital in-patients, voice, competence and work.


She teaches on undergraduate, post qualifying and post-graduate programmes. The main focus of her teaching is the care of children and their families, safeguarding children, advanced nursing practice and research evidence based practice. Following 5 years working to develop and lead a commissioned multi-professional MSc in Advanced Practice she has taken the programme lead position for PhD students (international).

Research Interests

Children and young people’s voice, with a special focus on inclusive research partnerships with children and their families regardless of their capacity or capability, and research with hard to reach families and young people.

Qualifications and Memberships

RGN, RSCN, Dip N., BSc., Nursing with Education, MA., Child and Family Services, PhD Children’s experiences as hospital in-patients, voice, competence and work.


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