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School of Health and Society

Dr Lee Herrington

Senior Lecturer in Sports Rehabilitation


Joined the university in 2000.


Programme leader MSc Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Musculoskeletal Injury Rehabilitation

Screening and Conditioning for Sport

Integrated Project


(all from MSc Sports Injury Rehabilitation programme)

Advanced Therapy Skills (BSc Hons Sports Rehabilitation)

Research Interests

Treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries, specifically: anterior knee pain; hamstring muscle injuries, shoulder sub-acromial pain syndrome, the “rugby” shoulder and rehabilitation following knee surgery (principally ACL reconstruction)

Qualifications and Memberships

BSc Hons Human Biology

BSc Hons Physiotherapy

PG Cert Sports Science

PG Cert Spinal Manual Therapy

MSc Sports Science of Injury

PhD (Knee pain)       

MCSP & HPC registered Physiotherapist

Associate Editor BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders journal and The Knee journal

Member of the editorial board of the journal Physical Therapy in Sport and the Journal of Athletic Training


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