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School of Health and Society

Dr Elaine Crawley

Reader in Criminology


Dr. Elaine Crawley is Reader in Criminology and Director of Salford University's Centre for Prison Studies (SUCPS). She has been conducting prisons research and teaching Criminology for almost twenty years. Her research has led to the publication of numerous articles, chapters and reports on a) the working lives of prison staff and b) the day-to-day lives of elderly prisoners (2 year project supported by ESRC grant £110,000). The publication for which she is best known is her book 'Doing Prison Work: the public and private lives of prison officers' (Willan 2004).

Elaine's research has had 'real world' impacts. In 2003 her work on the negative 'spillover' of prison work into personal and home life was incorporated into the new entrant officer Training Programme of the New Jersey Department of Corrections by former Commissioner Devon Brown. This was in a period when domestic violence amongst New Jersey correctional was relatively high, and in which 4 murder-suicides had taken place with officers' handguns. She became academic Advisor to NJDOC.

Most of Elaine's teaching, including the supervision of PhD students is informed by her own research in prisons. This research has been conducted in the UK and elsewhere. Since 2008, Elaine has worked closely with the National Administration of Penitentiaries (NAP) Romania in the sharing of knowledge and research findings. In 2010, she liaised with the NAP and UK's National Offender Management Service (NOMS) in the drafting of a Statement of Cooperation with the aim of developing information exchange, carrying out joint objectives and providing mutual support for the benefit of both prison systems.

Since 2011 she has been providing 7 day training events for senior prison officials from Beijing, China. It is anticipated that these events will continue, and from 2013 may take place bi-annually.

In April 2011, with financial support (£3,600) from the British Institute for the Study of Iraq (BISI), and research permission from Judge Hamah Jan Kadir, Director of General Security (Asaish), Elaine began a research study in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, where she explored the work experiences and work conditions for officers working in the region's detainee prisons. On the grounds that the officers she interviewed had received no training whatsoever (a key finding which she included in her Report Judge Kadir) she initiated discussions between the Judge and the International Department of NOMS, with the aim of brokering a ‘Training for Trainers’ Programme that could be delivered by NOMS to officers working in Kurdistan. Elaine has been invited to return to Kurdistan for further discussions with the Director of General Security and will do so in May 2013.

In May 2012, Elaine was invited as UK Representative for Prisons and International Rapporteur at the World University Forum, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. The purpose of the event was to create the World University of Security and Social Development of the United Nations. More recently, Elaine was invited to work with the Samara Law Institute, Western Russia, and to make a presentation to the Humanitarian and Scientific Roundtable ‘Problems of Implementation of European Standards and Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights in the Russian and Foreign Penal Systems’.

Elaine is currently engaged in completing a book manuscript for Taylor and Francis. The book, ‘Age of Imprisonment’ will be published in September 2013. She is also co-editing a manuscript for a book for Taylor and Francis. The book, ‘The Art of Prison Governing’ is a comparative collection by authors from Denmark, Estonia, Romania, USA, Norway, Venezuela and the UK.


Elaine has taught at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She holds a SEDA Accredited Higher Education Teaching Certificate (awarded by Keele University 1997)

University Teaching, Salford 2006 to present


MSc Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice

MSc Criminological Thought 1 & 2

MSc New Studies on Imprisonment

MSc Dissertation Supervisor

PhD Supervisor



Contemporary Prisons and Imprisonment Final Year Option (Module Designer & Convenor)

Criminal Justice Institutions (Convenor)

Sociology of Forensic Sciences and Technologies

Violence in Society

Independent Learning

Readings in the Sociology of Crime & Deviance

Risk Society

Surveillance, Prisons and Social Control  (Convenor)

Violence and Society

Contemporary Research in Crime and Deviance

Dissertation Supervisor 2006 - Present

Student Prison visits Organiser 2006 – Present

Research Interests

Uniformed Prison Staff issues (training, well-being, relationships and the impacts of work spill-over).

Elderly People in Prison

The Emotional and Psychological Challenges of Working with Death Row Prisoners (currently seeking permission for access in Florida USA)

Romanian Prison Innovations

Qualifications and Memberships


PhD in Criminology, Keele University, England

M.A. Criminology (with Distinction) Keele University, England

B.A. Joint Honours Criminology & Sociology (First Class Honours) Keele University, England


Member of the Editorial Board, British Journal of Criminology (2009 – 2011)

Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Social Criminology

Member of the International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA) 2005 - Present

Member of the British Society of Criminology 2004 - Present

Associate Board Member, British Sociological Association

Academic Member of the Segregation Management Monitoring and Review Group, HMP Manchester (2008-2009)

Academic Member of the Use of Force Monitoring Group, HMP Manchester (2008-2009)


                      Selected Publications

 Books and chapters

Crawley, E. (2011) 'Managing Prisoners, Managing Emotion: the dynamics of age, culture and identity’ in Loader, I., Karstedt, S. and Strang, H. (Eds.) Emotions, Crime and Justice London: Sage

Crawley, E. and Crawley, P. (2008) ‘Understanding Prison Officers: culture, cohesion and conflict’ in Bennett, J., Bowling, B. and Wahidin, A. (Eds.) Understanding Prison Staff (Willan Publishing with HM Prison Service

Crawley, E. (2007) ‘Imprisonment in Old Age’ in Jewkes, H. (Ed.) Handbook on Prisons Cullompton, Devon: Willan Publishing

Crawley, E. (2007) Dictionary of Prisons and Imprisonment (2 entries) by Jewkes, Y. and Bennett, J. (eds.) Devon: Willan Publishing

Crawley, E. (2006) ‘Doing Prison Work’ (extract) in Jewkes, Y. and Johnston, H. (Eds.) Prison Readings  Cullompton, Devon: Willan Publishing

Crawley, E. and Sparks, R. (2005) ‘Older Men in Prison: Survival, Coping and Identity’ in Liebling, A. and Maruna, S. (Eds). The Effects of Imprisonment Cullompton, Devon: Willan Publishing

Crawley, E. (2004) Doing Prison Work: the public and private lives of prison officers Cullompton, Devon: Willan Publishing 

*Book short-listed for BSA Philip Abrams Memorial Prize 2005

Forthcoming Books & Articles

Crawley, E. and Sparks, R. (forthcoming 2013) Age of Imprisonment Routledge

Crawley, E., Sheffield, C. (forthcoming 2014) The Art of Prison Governing’ London: Routledge

International Journals: Selected Articles

Crawley, E. (2012) ‘Elderly Prisoners in 21st Century England: Institutional Thoughtlessness and its impacts on day-to-day prison life’ for the Japanese Journal of Crime and Delinquency, Special Issue (Article requested by Editorial Board) August

Crawley, E., and Crawley, P (2007) ‘Culture, Performance and Disorder and the Communicative Quality of Prison Violence’ Journal of Offender Rehabilitation; Special Issue: Prison Culture and Offender Change New York: Haworth Press, September

Crawley, E. and Sparks, R. (2006) ‘Is There Life after Imprisonment? How Elderly Men Talk about Imprisonment and Release’ Journal of Criminal Justice London: Sage, Special Issue ‘What Lies Beyond? Problems, Prospects and Possibilities for Life after Imprisonment’ February, Vol. 6, Number 1

Crawley, E. (2005) ‘Institutional Thoughtlessness in Prisons and its Impacts on the Day-to-Day Lives of Elderly Men’ in Journal of Contemporary Justice Volume 21, Number 4, November, pages 350-363

Crawley, E. and Sparks, R. (2005) ‘Hidden Injuries? Researching the experiences of older men in English prisons’ Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, December 2005

Crawley, E. (2005) ‘Life after Imprisonment? Resettlement and Elderly Men’ Prison Service Journal July 2005 Issue

Crawley, E.M. (2004) ‘Emotion and Performance: Prison Officers and the Presentation of Self in Prisons’ Punishment and Society , London: Sage,  Vol. 6, Issue 4, pp.411 - 427

Crawley, E.M. (2004) ‘Resettlement and the Older Prisoner’ Criminal Justice Matters London: Centre for Crime and Criminal Justice Studies, July, No.56

Crawley, E. (2004) Prison Officers and Prison Work Prison Service News, December Issue

Jamieson, R., Crawley, E.M., Noble, W., Grounds, A. (2002) `Older Prisoners in Custody and on Release: Lessons from the Canadian Experience', Final Report to the Canadian High Commission, Institutional Research Programme 

Crawley, E.M. (2002) ‘Bringing it all Back Home? The Impact of Prison Officers’ Work on their Families’ Probation Journal  Volume 49, No. 4 

Crawley, E.M. (2000) ‘Reflections on the Sex Offender Treatment Programme’ Viewpoint Article, Howard League Magazine, February

Journal Articles in Process

Crawley, E. And Hulpoi, L. (for submission Spring 2013) ‘Self-destructive Behaviour in a Romanian Prison Hospital’  to the International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology


Crawley, E. (2012) Doing Prison Work in the Detainee Prisons of Kurdistan’ Report to Judge Qadir Hama Jan, Executive Member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Director of General Security (Asaish) Kurdistan Region, Sulaimaniyah (unpublished) August (funded by the British Institute for the Study of Iraq £3,600)

Crawley, E. and Crawley, P. Evaluation of ‘Back to Work in Salford’ Project for Salford City Council, Greater Manchester, July 2010: Consultancy fee £3,000)

Book Reviews since 2008

Crawley, E. (2012) Review of ‘The Prisoner Society: Power, Adaptation, and Social Life in an English Prison’ by Ben Crewe (Clarendon Studies in Criminology) for the Journal of Punishment and Society

Crawley, E. (2008). Book Review: ‘Prison Governors: Managing Prisons in a Time of Change’ by Shane Bryans  The British Journal of Criminology, Vol. 48, January.