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School of Health and Society

Professor Eileen Fairhurst

Professor in Public Health


Career History

2010-            University of Salford, Professor in Public Health

Career History
2010-              University of Salford, Professor in Public Health

2006-2009      Manchester Metropolitan University, Research Institute for Health and Social Change, Professor of Health and Ageing Policy.

1985-2006      Manchester Metropolitan University, Department of Continuing Professional Development and Post-Graduate Studies, Senior Lecturer.

1982-1984      Sheffield Hallam University, Department of Hotel and Tourism Management, Senior Lecturer.

1981-1982      Manchester Business School, Visiting Lecturer

1974-1981      Manchester University, Department of Geriatric Medicine, Geigy Unit for Research in Ageing, Research Associate/Research Fellow

1971-1974      Manchester Business School, Research Associate.

1969-1970      Carelton University, Ottawa, Canada. Teaching Assistant/Research Assistant.

Qualifications and Memberships

Degrees, Fellowships and Honours:

1969             BA (Econ) University of Manchester

1981              PhD University of Leeds

2007              DSc (Honoris Causa) University of Salford

2007              Fellow Royal Society of Medicine

2008              MBE for contribution to the NHS

2008              Founder Fellow of the British Society for Gerontology for contribution to the development of social gerontology in the UK


Selected Recent Publications

  • Fairhurst, E. (2012)  ‘Positive’ Images and Calendars: Explorations in ‘Agelesness’ or ‘Ambiguous’ Identies?, in Ylanne, V. (ed) Representing Ageing: Images and Identities, London: PalgraveMacmillan, pp189-206
  • Fairhurst, E, and Mairs Slee, S. (2012) The Hive in the Cliff: A Case Study in Intergenerational Relationships and Culturally Led Regeneration. Journal of Intergenerational Relationships 10(3): 246-260, special issue, Sanchez, M. and Hatton-Yeo, A. (eds) Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity Between Generations in Europe: Celebrating the European Year 2012
  • Windrum, P., Garcia-Goni, M.  and Fairhurst, E. (2010 ) ‘Innovation in Public Health Care: Diabetes Education in the UK’, in Gallouj, F., Djellal, F. and Gallouj, C. (eds) The Handbook of Innovation and Services: A Multi-disciplinary Perspective, Edward Elgar, pp129-152.
  • Fairhurst, E. and Baines, S. (2009) ‘Positive images of ageing and the production of calendars’, in R. Edmondson and H-J. von Kondratowitz (eds) Valuing Older People, Policy Press, pp 277-282.
  • Fairhurst, E. (2008) ‘Ordinary Theories of Aging and Membership Categorisations’, Journal of Societal and Social Policy 7(1/2): 3-16 special issue, Powell, J. and Hendricks, J. (eds), Theorising Ageing and Social Policy.
  • Fairhurst, E. (2008) ‘Re-documenting Home and Managing Long term Conditions: the Social Organisation of Space and Place’, in M.Presho, (ed) Managing Long Term Conditions:  a Social Model for Community Practice, Wiley-Blackwell, pp 179-195.
  • Fairhurst, E., Mountian, I. and Sixsmith, J. (2008)  ‘Consideracoes sobre services de advocacy para pessoas idosas no contexto de revitalizacao urbana’. (‘Gateway for Empowerment: Advocacy and Elderly People’)  Kairos, 11(1): 167-84.  ISSN: 1516-2567
  • Deacon, M. and Fairhurst, E. (2008) ‘The real life practice of acute in-patient mental health nurses: an analysis of ‘eight inter-related bundles of activity’, Nursing Inquiry 15(4): 330-340
  • Fairhurst, E. (2007) ‘Theorising Sleep Practices and Later Life: Moving into Sheltered Housing’, Sociological Research Online,     
  • Fairhurst, E. (2006) ‘Theorising growing and being older: Connecting physical health, well-being and public health’. Critical Public Health 15(1): 27-38