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School of Health and Society

Dr Elaine Ball

Senior Lecturer


My professional experience includes roles as an academic for 30 years. I am a programme lead for the professional doctorate in health and social care and post-graduate taught lead within the directorate of health. I have extensive experience of research techniques, curriculum development and leadership supporting research in professional practice for multi-disciplinary healthcare practitioners. The combination of my previous academic career in English language and literature, and for the last twenty years in healthcare has furnished a strong scholarly output. I support student’s writing skills at Masters and doctoral level with writing workshops and have a successful completion record at doctoral and masters’ level.


Teach students to conceptualize, design and implement research in professional practice, for the generation of new knowledge, application or understanding of the professional area at doctoral level. Lead modules at level 7 – Critical Leadership; Practitioner Researcher; supervising 14 doctoral candidates

Teaching interests:

  • Qualitative methods,
  • critical theory,
  • research,
  • philosophy,
  • evidence-based practice.

Research Interests

Together with my doctoral students and my own areas, my research interests include education, applied research for practice settings and evidence-based practice. Specifically, my research interests and publications lie in the areas of nursing policy, and process. My thesis adopted a Foucauldian and Kristevan lens to examine spatial arenas such as the female body and the ability to resist dominant discourses. I have a particular interest in qualitative research and cultural theory.

Qualifications and Memberships

BA (hons), MA, RN, PGCHE, Cert Ed, PhD


Allan, H. T., Magnusson, C., Evans, K., Ball, E., Westwood, S., Curtis, K., Horton & Johnson, M. (2016). Delegation and supervision of healthcare assistants’ work in the daily management of uncertainty and the unexpected in clinical practice: invisible learning among newly qualified nurses. Nursing inquiry, 23(4), 377-385.

Johnson, M., Magnusson, C., Allan, H., Evans, K., Ball, E., Horton, K., & Westwood, S. (2015). ‘Doing the writing’and ‘working in parallel’: How ‘distal nursing’affects delegation and supervision in the emerging role of the newly qualified nurse. Nurse education today, 35(2), e29-e33.

Allan, HT, Magnusson, C, Horton, K, Evans, K, Ball, E, Curtis, K and Johnson, M 2015, 'People, liminal spaces and experience : Understanding recontextualisation of knowledge for newly qualified nurses' , Nurse Education Today, 35 (2) , e78-e83.

Ball, E., (2011). A Social Purpose Model for Nursing. Nursing Forum. 46(3) 152-156. Ball, E., et al. (2011) Plethora or paucity: A systematic search and bibliometric study of the application and design of qualitative methods in nursing research 2008–2010. Nurse Education Today. 31(3):299-303

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