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School of Health and Society

Susan Baines

Lecturer Midwifery and Applied Healthcare Ethics


I have worked extensively within both the NHS and Independent healthcare sectors. I qualified as a Midwife in 1986 and then went on to study an advanced Diploma and then first degree and MA in Ethics. I managed the Bolton City Challenge Government North West maternity and women’s health project in the late nineties which I later presented at the King’s Fund and RCM conference. My work was recognized by Baroness Jay of Paddington and was the precursor of “Sure Start”. I became a Supervisor of Midwives at WWL NHS Trust and completed a family planning course and health service management certificate. I have worked more recently for the OU as an associate Lecturer in Health Management and Leadership and due to my experience of community health I became a member of the UK REP as a specialist teacher of Aqua exercise for pregnancy (I am one of only 2 midwives in the UK to hold this title). I won a VC research award from the University of Salford in 2004 and used the funding to present papers at three Australian Universities on the benefits of water based exercise in pregnancy. I am Midwifery Director of my own independent Midwifery business which is CQC registered.

I became President of Horwich WI (Which I set up) in 2010 and was the first ever WI member of the Lancashire Federation to win 96% of the AGM vote for my presentation at the Royal Albert Hall for the resolution I formulated to, “call upon the Government to recruit and retain more Midwives”. I am a Magistrate and chair of the bench as well as an appraiser and new magistrate mentor. Most recently I am writing my second book on parent education with Professor Mary Nolan at the University of Worcester. I am interested in hypnotherapy which I practice and in travelling to Australia where my eldest daughter is Financial Director for the Government of Western Australia. I paint, write poetry and I am extremely proud of both my daughters. I am blessed to have 4 grandchildren and a wonderful husband.


I currently facilitate the teaching and Learning of Midwifery across all academic levels and specialize in healthcare ethics, pregnancy Aquatics and parent education

I supervise dissertation students and am a member of the University (School) ethics committee. I am a PMC invigilator

I am Pathway Lead for PQ Midwifery Modules

Link tutor for WWL NHS Trust

Supervisor of Midwives for WWL NHS Trust

Midwifery Champion for enterprise

Research Interests

  • Pregnancy Aquatics
  • Parent Education
  • Public Health
  • Fathers in Pregnancy

Qualifications and Memberships



Baines S & Murphy S (2010) Aquatic Exercise for Pregnancy: A resource book for Health and fitness Professionals. Kendal M&K

Baines S (2013) Support Overdue: Women’s experiences of Maternity Services London Pub. WI (Professional member)

Baines S.M. (2015) The De-Medicalization of Midwifery: ARK The Voice of Healthcare (1)

Postgraduate research

  • Health service Management
  • Leadership
  • Applying the Business Model to Healthcare
  • Exercise and Nutrition / Public health
  • Ethics / Professional Accountability