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School of Health and Society

Andrew Tootell

Lecturer, Programme Leader MSc Nuclear Medicine Imaging


Qualified as a radiographer in 1998 and has worked as a radiographer at Hope hospital (now Salford Royal) and St Helens and Knowlsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

In 2002 completed the PGDip Nuclear medicine and in 2004 completed the MSc in Nuclear Medicine. Joined the university in 2006. 2007 completed the PGCert in Higher Education and Research Became programme leader for the MSc Nuclear Medicine Imaging in 2010. Currently studying towards PhD with a focus into developing methods for measuring and calculating radiation dose and effective risk from radiological investigations.


Physics and equipment of radiography for radiographers, dental nurses and other healthcare professionals

Nuclear medicine

Radiation protection

Quality Control procedures

Research Interests

Radiation dose measurement and calculation.

Optimisation of imaging parameters

Qualifications and Memberships

MSc Nuclear Medicine

PGCert Higher Education and Research

BSc(Hons) Diagnostic Radiography



Society of Radiographers

British Nuclear Medicine Society

Society of Radiographers Nuclear Medicine Advisory Group

College of Health and Social Care Clinical Services Governance Board



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