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School of Health and Society

Professor Anya Ahmed

Professor of Social Science and Head of Social Policy


I have a background in social policy and sociology. Prior to becoming an academic I was employed by a local authority and housing association in policy and housing management roles. I have led a range of externally funded projects focusing on the needs and experiences of less heard communities and older people. My recent publications focus on gender, ageing and migration in a UK and EU context and on different forms of mobility. I have expertise in qualitative research methodologies, in particular biographical approaches and structural narrative analysis. I am currently leading the post-implementation evaluation of the Wales (2014) homelessness legislation and am joint PI on two knowledge exchanges.

I am a member of:

  • The Leadership Team and am Lead for User Involvement and Service Improvement Research in the Salford Institute for Dementia.


  • Housing policy and homelessness
  • Social exclusion
  • Migration & mobilities

Research Interests

  • Older people/retirement/ ageing
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Marginalised and less heard groups
  • Dementia and BME communities
  • Community and belonging
  • Gender
  • Migration/mobilities

Qualifications and Memberships

  • Editorial Board Member Journal of Social Policy and Society
  • Editorial Board Member Journal of Social Exclusion
  • Member of the Social Policy Association Executive Committee
  • Member of the ESRC Peer Review College
  • Member of the Neighbourhoods and Well-Being Committee, MSV Housing Association Member of Board of Trustees, Knowledge for Change (K4C) registered charity number 1146911
  • Member of Greater Manchester Ageing Hub, Research and Evidence Group Vice Chair, Salford Dementia Action Alliance
  • Member of Migration and Families Network (University of Manchester)


Ahmed, A., Gibbons, A., Jones, K., Madoc-Jones, I., Rogers, M., & Wilding, M. (2017) Post-implementation evaluation of the homelessness legislation (Part 2 of the Housing Act (Wales) 2014): Interim Report, Wales, Welsh Assembly

Ahmed, A., Ackers-Johnson, J. & Ackers, L. (2017) The Ethics of Educational Healthcare Placements in Low and Middle Income Countries: First do no Harm? New York, Palgrave MacMillan

Ahmed, A. & Rogers, M. [EDs] (2016) Working with marginalised groups: from policy to practice London, Palgrave

Ahmed, A. & Rogers, M. (2016) Polly’s story: using structural narrative analysis to understand a trans migration journey Qualitative Social Work Special Issue: Narrative and Social Work

Ahmed, A. & Hall, K. (2016) Negotiating the challenges of ageing as a British migrant in Spain GeroPysch special issue (Ageing and migration) 29, 105-114

Complete list

Postgraduate research

I currently supervise postgraduate students undertaking the following projects:

  • Migration, settlement patterns and housing markets
  • Constructions of community in a regenerated social housing estate
  • Narratives of planning/planning and narrative
  • Eastern European migrants in the UK: post referendum trajectories
  • The weight of Baahi: Remittances from UK Somali communities
  • Care leavers, higher education and social capital
  • Motivations and impacts of professional volunteers in Ugandan health care settings
  • Professional skills acquisition and transfer for international volunteers
  • The motivations and experiences of UK midwives on elective placements in Uganda
  • Corporate Social responsibility in Saudi Arabia

I welcome applications related to:

  • Older people/retirement/ ageing
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Marginalised and less heard groups
  • Dementia and BME communities
  • Community and belonging
  • Gender
  • Migration/mobilities
  • Qualitative methodologies in particular narrative and biographical research