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School of Health and Society

State-of-the-art Simulation Suites

There are a variety of clinical ward areas in which healthcare students learn and practice essential clinical skills such as CPR, wound care, physiological observations and hand-washing.  

The simulation suite has been designed to replicate a real hospital environment. This facility includes the following: An adult and children’s ward, treatment room, nurse’s station, bathroom, day room, two side rooms, a midwifery home area and labour room. All of the bed spaces are equipped  with  oxygen delivery ports, suction points, nurse call button, emergency buzzer and bed lights, all of which mimic a real hospital environment.

There are a vast range of human patient simulators (HPS) including two fully portable wireless adults, a newborn, an infant, a child and a birthing mum.

The HPS can simulate breathing, blinking, bleeding and sweating and also have chest, heart and bowel sounds. Many different clinical procedures and scenarios can be practised using the simulators and experienced staff strive to ensure that health and social care students learn in a safe and supportive  environment.  Examples of simulated scenarios include cardiac arrest, psychosis, fitting, pulmonary embolism, post-partum haemorrhage, asthma and fractured femur.  

There are also sound proof control rooms where specialist technicians operate the reactions and voice of the HPS and coordinate the audio-visual requirements for the scenarios. In order to enhance the students learning there is a dedicated room for debriefing and streaming the scenarios into, which  enable  peer observation, learning and feedback.