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School of Health and Society

Rehabilitation Flat

The Occupational Therapy Department at the University of Salford has upgraded a training room designed for pre-registration Occupational Therapy education to provide a realistic home simulation environment. This environment was originally purpose-designed to be small and cramped, thereby offering physical  hindrances  for  students  to experience environmental challenges that may impact an individual with physical disabilities. The 4 roomed “Flat” is 37sqm (roughly 400sqft) with a living area, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.    

Please see our rehabilitation flat showcased in the video below where you can see how we use the flat to support students in their studies.

The realistic environment now has comfortable furniture and “homely” fittings to set the scene of a community visit where occupational therapists and other health care professions may work alongside service users to increase their levels of independence using adapted equipment, new techniques, energy saving devices or other interventions to improve their well-being. The bedroom and bathroom are fitted with ceiling track hoists to demonstrate safe transfers and allow the students valuable practice in a safe and supportive learning environment.

The kitchen is used for group baking and kitchen assessment sessions and the bedroom has a high seat chair, a raised bed and commode to really immerse the students in personal care in the bedroom.

This simulation area attempts to mirror a real-life home environment model to a high degree of fidelity whilst allowing a variety of simulation techniques to be utilised effectively. The flat is fitted with cameras and therefore allows for a structured debrief method through video-facilitated feedback.  This  approach  is  proven to be most effective in increasing response time and clinical skill acquisition for undergraduate healthcare students (Chronister and Brown, 2012).

In addition to this, the updated simulation environment allows for research through the introduction of technological enhancement.

If you are interested in hiring these facilities, then please contact us by e-mail or call +44 (0)161 295 0043.