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School of Health and Society

Psychology Laboratories

The psychology testing suites provide a comfortable and friendly environment in which to carry out a wide range of psychological testing, including:

  • An eye tracker laboratory including Tobii T120 and Tobii X2-60 eye trackers, as well as a head mounted eye tracking system.
  • A psycho-physiology lab, including multiple functional near-infrared spectroscopy systems – the fNIR imager 1000, and NIRSport.
  • An observation suite complete with multi-recording video from controllable cameras and a one-way mirror for observation based investigations
  • A recently built, flexible testing suite, that includes a waiting room, and spaces appropriate for cognitive testing, interviews and focus groups.
  • Growing research capabilities in the utilisation of virtual reality. The department currently conducts research utilising both Oculus Rift head mounted devices, and the university CAVE VR system, The Octave.
  • A dedicated computer suite allowing access to a range of psychological programs such as E-Prime, and analysis tools, such as IBM’s SPSS statistics software.

If you are interested in hiring these facilities, then please contact us by email or call +44 (0)161 295 0043.