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Salford Advantage Fund

A great way to stay in touch with the University is through a telephone call from the Salford Advantage Fund. Our enthusiastic team of Student Callers are ready to provide you with updates on University news, alumni services, and the various ways that you can remain involved with us after graduation.

Our Callers are proud, passionate and knowledgeable about the University, and are happy to inform you about how alumni can be part of Salford’s future, help us provide a world-class education, pioneer research and deliver an enriched university experience. Whether you are interested in volunteering, philanthropy, or hearing about Salford’s latest successes, our Student Callers can equip you with information from the areas where you can make a difference:

Our students enjoy taking the opportunity to speak to alumni who wish to share their university experience. With the increasing number of alumni and friends joining us on the Salford Advantage Fund journey, a call from us is a great chance to share your stories with students who will soon be joining you as a valued member of our alumni network.

We pride ourselves on the relationships that we have with our alumni and ensure that we keep our promise to you in mind.

You can support the Salford Advantage Fund today by looking at the ways you can give or contacting Lauren Taylor via or +44 (0)161 295 7062 to request a catch-up with a Student Caller.

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