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Faith Centre

Faith Centre University of Salford

The purpose-made Faith Centre is open to everyone and offers unique spaces for group worship, private prayer, personal reflection, social activities, pastoral support and relaxation right here on campus.

The Faith Centre reflects the University’s continuing commitment to support the student experience, and our extensive faith-based facilities are a rare gem for UK universities.  It offers a unique space for those of faith or who follow a religion, those who are questioning / seeking / agnostic  or prefer not to define their spirituality in a specific way, and those who are not religious or have no faith, and to build positive relationships between all groups.

We want to make sure that this space of sanctuary is available for future generations of Salford students, friends and members of the community. The University of Salford is an exempt charity, which allows us to fundraise for resources and student services, such as the Faith Centre, where traditional  sources of funding do not quite reach.

The University's mission as an educational institution means that it is keen to provide a supportive context in which all students and staff of any belief system, religious, philosophical and cultural background, can explore new ideas and experiences; and engage critically with each other in a safe  and respectful learning environment.

For more information about giving to the Faith Centre, please contact Lauren Taylor on or call 0161 2957062

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