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As One Floor Closes, Another One Opens…

Wednesday 2 August 2017

One memory every Salford student shares is spending time at the University Library. Regardless of their year, school or study, each Salford student has stepped foot in the Library at least once during their time on campus.

At the heart of campus, the Clifford Whitworth Library has been undergoing some much needed refurbishments and 2016 saw the first phase of the library’s £6.2 million development project come to completion. In 2017 phase two will begin, with plans to be finished in December 2017 to end out the year.

Overlooking historic Peel Park, the first municipal park in the UK which opened 170 years ago, the new Library will incorporate elements of the park within the design and artwork for its theme, ‘Library in the Park’. Peel Park was created in response to a concern over lack of recreational areas for the working classes in Manchester and Salford in the 19th century. The Library Development Project follows suit, and this refurbishment is in response to students and staff feedback about improvements that should be made to the library to increase accessibility and usage.

In addition to a number of physical changes within the space, such as ventilation and lighting, an increase in learning resources, power sockets, study spaces and workrooms will be part of the refurbishment.

Support to the University Library has been crucial in increasing learning resources and make a substantial difference to a student’s academic life. The need of our students to have readily available access to computers and laptops is one of the key areas of focus for the library; with an average lifespan of the machines of only three years. We're looking forward to a new fresh-faced Clifford Whitworth Library in 2017 with new facilities and upgraded resources.

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