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If you are a School of Science, Engineering and Environment student applying for a donor-funded scholarship or bursary, please complete the application form below. 

Please ensure the information you provide is correct, detailed, and informed by the specific eligibility criteria. The majority of our scholarships are subject-specific, so it is vital you only apply for the ones available to your degree programme. 

This application form will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. 

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Policy statements

Before submitting your application, please ensure you have read our: 

Any information you provide to the University will be securely held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018, the University’s Data Protection Policy and the Office of Alumni Engagement and Development’s Privacy Policy.


Application Guidelines

  • When applying for a scholarship/bursary, please ensure you meet the eligibility criteria by reading through the content above. 
  • Whilst you can only submit one application form, if you would like to apply for more than one of our scholarships/bursaries, you will have the opportunity to notify us of this towards in the application form - please note successful applicants will only receive one scholarship or bursary. 
  • To apply, you must be registered as a full-time student at the University of Salford. 
  • To apply, you must be a resident of the United Kingdom – if you are an international student, please visit International Scholarships.
  • You are not required to submit any transcripts or qualifications - if your scholarship/bursary is awarded based on previous grades, we will verify these with the Student Records team. 
  • To help us verify your household income status, the University of Salford must have access to this information through the Student Finance Company - please ensure you have authorised this. 
  • Please submit your application prior to the deadline – any applications submitted after this date will not be considered.
  • We reserve the right to extend the deadline for applications.


Terms and Conditions

  1. Donor-funded scholarships and bursaries are available to applicants who are:
    • A UK resident.
    • Studying full-time, on-campus for the duration of their programme.
    • Studying an eligible undergraduate or postgraduate programme – please refer to the eligibility criteria for each scholarship programme. 
  2. Our current scholarships and bursaries are not available to students studying a foundation year, part-time, a degree apprenticeship, distance or blended learning, or where the programme is delivered through a partner institution; however, this is subject to change.
  3. If you have already received a scholarship, you will not be eligible to apply for another.
  4. To accept the award, students must complete a Grant Acceptance form and Student Payment Account form – these will be sent to successful applicants directly. 
  5. No award is confirmed until we have verified that you are registered at the University of Salford and engaged with your course – this will be done with Student Records.
  6. All decisions are confidential, and recipients must not share the information via social media or other platforms, such as LinkedIn, until permitted by the Alumni Engagement & Development team.
  7. You can apply for more than one scholarship or bursary, but you are only eligible to receive one award.
    • If you are eligible to apply for more than one of the donor-funded scholarships or bursaries, you will have the opportunity to notify us of this towards the end of the application form – please only submit one application form.
  8. The University may cancel any award at any point and seek repayment of any monies already paid by appropriate means if the student is found to have claimed under false information.
  9. If your academic progress is deemed to be unsatisfactory or you no longer meet the eligibility criteria, the University will terminate the scholarship/bursary and you will no longer be eligible for the award in subsequent years. Satisfactory progress is defined as progressing onto the next stage of your programme of study at the first attempt without reassessment.
  10. Awards will not normally be terminated, nor repayment required on the basis of academic failure, but will not be paid during any repeat year or part-year.
  11. If a student completes an industry placement year, they will not receive any funding during that year – payments will continue upon your return to the University.
  12. If a student withdraws from their studies or is required to withdraw, no further payments will be made, and you may be required to repay the grant awarded to you.
  13. The University reserves the right to terminate an award and demand repayment on funds already paid, in case of disciplinary action against an award-holder.
  14. All donor-funded scholarship and bursary recipients must consent to:
    • Us using your photo and any written materials or videos you have produced to publicise our scholarships.
    • Submitting at least two written or video updates for the donor during every academic year.
    • Attending a virtual or in-person ‘meet and greet’ with the donor.
    • Participating in additional activities organised by your donor, these may include workshops or industry experience opportunities – any additional obligations will be made clear to each scholarship/bursary recipient before being awarded.
  15. All decisions are final. We are unable to provide feedback on unsuccessful applications.