Geography and Environmental Management

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As the human impact on the natural world intensifies, and damaging loss of biodiversity increases, we need to take urgent action to protect it for future generations. With climate change now a global priority, now is the perfect time to focus on a study path that can open up career opportunities to make a global difference.

Delivered in one of Europe's fastest growing city-regions, and surrounded by some of the UK's best national parks, the University of Salford is a great place to start your geography, environmental management or wildlife conservation journey. 

We use research-enriched, practical teaching  to help you explore our  environment in an inspiring, engaging way. Gain real-world skills. Experience fieldwork, both in the UK and overseas. Whichever course you choose to study, you’ll start an exciting journey exploring our built and natural world. Read on and discover more.

Undergraduate Geography and Environment Courses

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Choose to study an undergraduate degree based in geography and the environment with Salford, and you can open up exciting career opportunities in consultancy work, GIS specialism, urban planning and project management.

With our geography and environmental management courses, you will examine the relationship between the global economy, society, and the environment, with a focus on real-world application and an emphasis on practical fieldwork. 

Postgraduate Geography and Environment Courses

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The pandemic revealed there is more we can learn about our environment. Protecting global health. Living sustainably. Protecting ecosystems. This is a golden opportunity to rebuild a better planet.

Our range of geography and environment-based postgraduate courses is shaped to upskill graduates and professionals who share our passion for creating better environments for everyone.