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Are you looking for a career where you can change the world?  For centuries, engineers have shaped the way we live, travel and function as a society. As we watch the events of 2020 change our world, it is a reminder that we need engineers more than ever. 

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Why Study Engineering?


Influence the future of technology, transport, energy and more


Apply your maths and science knowledge in a practical way that could help engineer the future


Explore exciting areas of engineering such as robotics, green energy, electric vehicles and aircraft design

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Karina McNally - Electronic Engineering

"Start thinking about what lessons you enjoy the most and look into what kind of roles you could go in to.

I would say that it’s okay to change your mind, you don’t have to have it all figured out right now - Your future doesn’t need to be mapped out whilst at university, but it is a great place to start."


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