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UK BSR Meal Allowance

From 6th April 2019 the University of Salford will be following the new HMRC rules for claiming meals in the UK, on an allowance basis where no receipts will be required. These rates will be automatically applied to your claim on UBW for the dates & times that you are away.

The rates payable for UK business trips completed on or after 6 April are as follows:

When is the allowance available from?

This allowance is only available on trips where you are away in the UK as of 6th April 2019. If you are away any time before this date, you will still need to keep receipts for your meals and claim them as done previously using the meal categories, e.g. ’10: Meals: Lunch’, and sticking to the existing limits of £10 for Lunch and £20 for Supper/Dinner.

To ensure you receive the correct allowance, take care when entering your claim that you;

  • Enter the start date & time for when you left, either from home or the office, for your trip.  
  • Enter the end date & time for when you returned to either your home or the office after your trip.  

The Meal allowance added will show in the ‘Where did you go?’ Section of the claim and on the ‘Travel expenses’ summary to the right. This is automatically added and updated as you enter or amend the start and end dates and times. You don’t enter anything in the ‘What  did you spend?’ section for meals.

The following video shows you how the system will work applying the new rate:

Important note

Any meal or refreshment category that you try to claim from the 6th April will be returned to you in the Expenses workflow as a task and will not move on for approval until these have been removed. These meal categories will only be available until June 2019 to allow claims for trips prior to 6th April 2019 to be completed.


Travel that spans the date the UK BSR comes into effect

Any trips that span this date will receive the allowance for the 6th April 2019 onwards. For any dates that you are away prior to 6th April 2019 you will need to claim your meals as done previously. This can all be done within the same claim, if part of the same trip.

Travel taken prior to the 6th April

These will need to be claimed as done previously, using receipts. You have 90 days to make your claim after the trip has ended. Please ensure you make your claim as soon as possible once you have returned.

What if I don’t want to claim all the allowance applied?

A new claim category has been added that you can use to reduce your meal claim amount called ‘UK BSR / OSR Reduction’. Select this in the ‘What did you spend?’ section, enter a description and an amount as a negative e.g. -10.00 would reduce your claim by £10.00.

If you enter this as a positive amount the system will give you a pop-up message when you come to save or submit your claim to warn you that this will be reduced to zero. This will give you the option to go back to your claim and amend before saving / submitting.

Travel Requests made prior to the change over

For any travel requests already made for travel in the new allowance period, where budget has been entered against the meal categories, the budget will be transferred to the new meal allowance. If the amount doesn’t cover the allowance you will receive, further budget approval will be sought in  the  expenses  claim  process.

Travel requests

From Friday 5th April the travel request screen will change, and the meal categories will be removed and replaced by a single UK Meal allowance category. For budget you will need to work out how much you expect to receive in allowance and enter this as a monetary value.