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Finance Department

Accounts Payable

Creditor Payments department - Supplier invoices and payments

Completed for payments to be made outside the UK. The deadline for these requests must be by close of play Tuesday to go on Fridays pay run, there will be no exceptions to this deadline. Other than payments to partners all foreign transactions should still have a PO raised.Payment Request (Foreign)
To be used for UK invoices that we cannot raise a valid Purchase Order number for. This should only be used in exceptional circumstances. The supplier should still be set up by Procurement and this request will be paid in line with the Universities payment terms unless approved in advance by Procurement.Payment Request (UK)
Description of the processes and procedures involved in processing purchase invoices and payments.Procedures (Accounts Payable)
To set up student details in Agresso.Student Payment Account Details
For payment of bursaries, uniform expenses etc. Must be received by noon Monday to be processed by Bacs on Wednesday.Student Payment Request
Guide to authorise student expense claims.Student Travel Guidelines