Creative Business Competition

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Do you have a creative business idea that you’d like to develop?

The School of Arts, Media & Creative Technology are working with Launch to help support student start-ups.

We are looking for creative students with business ideas who are passionate and determined to make money from their work. You do not need to be the best business mind at this time, you just need to have exciting ideas and a creative vision. This competition will aim to help and support you to think about what you need to do to develop and succeed as a creative business and be in with the chance to win £1000 to help support you.

This opportunity is open to all students at any level of study. We are open to ideas and submissions from students across all programmes and disciplines. We want to hear from you and how we can support your creative business. As an example, you could be interested in:

  • launching your own online shop to sell your work
  • setting up as a creative tutor
  • running workshops to share your skills.

This is not an exhaustive list so if you have an idea, no matter how big or small, let us know about it. Whether you have already set up your business and need some help to push it further, or you would like an initial boost to get you on your way, shortlisted students will be awarded prize money to help them with the next steps of their creative ventures.


The successful student or idea will win a prize of £1000. Whether you decide to use this money to  source materials and resources, purchase software or pay for advertisements on social media, the prize money will help to support you in the early stages of your start-up and help you hit the ground running.

There is also an additional £500 runner-up prize to help support a second student or idea.

How it works

We are welcoming submissions from students to tell us more about your creative practice and how you would like to turn this into a business idea. We would like to know a bit about what you feel you need to make the next big step for your business (paying for advertising, outreach, access to new platforms, training?) and a brief idea of how you will put the £1000 to good use. The deadline for this is Friday 11th June.

Students can submit an application as a group but this will be treated as one submission.

Students are encouraged to attend workshops provided by Launch throughout the week commencing 7th June to help widen their knowledge and understanding about developing and running creative businesses. These workshops will also help you to submit your application.

We will be holding an information drop-in session on Thursday 20th May between 1pm – 2pm via Teams to provide you with a chance to ask questions and discuss your ideas before submitting.

How to Enter

To enter, complete the form by 4pm on Friday 11th June.

We will inform you of the outcome of the competition by Friday 18th June.


  1. Competition Launch – 5th May
  2. Information Drop-In Session – 20th May
  3. Idea Submission Deadline – 4pm on Friday 11th June
  4. Winner notified via Email – by Friday 18th June