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Sport, exercise and rehabilitation are major global industries. For those at the cutting edge of athletic performance, sport scientists provide specialist technical support and guidance to optimise and maximise physical function, working predominantly with trained individuals or groups. More broadly, as part of a drive to increase the health and wellbeing of a largely inactive and unhealthy UK population, exercise scientists devise and deliver physical activity and nutritional interventions to improve health outcomes and enhance quality of life for general populations and those with chronic disease.

In clinical settings, sports rehabilitators are well-positioned to design and deliver treatment programmes for individuals across a broad spectrum, from those with chronic illness to elite athletes returning to sport following injury or trauma. For these reasons, career opportunities for those with interests in sport, exercise and rehabilitation are increasing dramatically in range and scope.

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Why should you study at the University of Salford?


Our sports and exercise teams have strong links with elite sports organisations including Sale Sharks, Salford Red Devils, Manchester Storm and Premier League football clubs


You will study in state-of-the-art facilities, including our Human Performance Lab and Strength and Conditioning Suite


You will have the opportunity to develop your learning through real-world experiences including through placements and by working in our on-site public facing clinics

Our facilities

Strength and Conditioning Suite

The Strength and Conditioning Suite boasts the following equipment: 

  • 10 dedicated PowerLift lifting platforms for both students and athletes alike to learn advanced training techniques.
  • Biodex isokinetic dynamometer to assess muscle function/ asymmetries.
  • FT700 Power Cage with integrated force platform and linear position transducer to assess force and power output during a variety of athletic performances, plus a portable isometric mid-thigh pull station.

Human Performance Lab

Our world-class human performance laboratory contains almost every type of physiological and biomechanical testing equipment, including a 30-metre sprint track with inbuilt force platforms, motion cameras, blood and gas analysis equipment and speed guns. We also have a separate physiological testing laboratory and fully equipped strength and conditioning suite, which includes and isokinetic dynamometer and portable force platforms.

The University is also home to three gait labs, which, together with the human performance lab, are used to conduct research by the Centre for Health, Sport and Rehabilitation Sciences Research that underpins your learning.

Exercise and Physiology Laboratory

We also have extensive equipment in our Exercise and Physiology Laboratory including:

  • Portable and static online gas analysis systems for breath-by-breath cardiopulmonary exercise testing, including VO2 max tests.
  • A Lode Cycle Ergometer to provide isokinetic testing conditions within cycling.
  • An Analox G37 Multi-Assay Blood Analyser to study blood lactate concentration. We also have a range of field-based Lactate Pro analysers, which have been used to test professional athletes as part of our partnerships.

The University is also home to three gait labs, which, together with the human performance lab, are used to conduct ground-breaking research by the Centre for Health Sciences Research that underpins your learning.

Sports Injury Clinic

Supervised by university lecturers who are chartered physiotherapists, our Sports Rehabilitation students state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to provide a full range of sports rehabilitation treatments.

Take a 360° look at our Human Performance Lab below: 

Emma and Jacob Sports Video

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