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It won’t always be obvious, but mathematics is everywhere, behind the scenes and impacting our daily lives. In our technology and finance-driven world, it is fundamental to the research and development within a huge range of industries.

Physics is at the heart of modern life. By having the knowledge to discover future technological advances, and find applications for scientific discoveries, qualified physicists are driving our future.  

Take this opportunity to explore how we can transform your mathematics and physics knowledge and skills. Hopefully, we'll see you at our next open day so we can tell you more.


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Designed around its practical applications, our courses in mathematics will develop your knowledge and enhance your problem-solving skills, giving you the experience to take into industry.  

If you find yourself asking why things are the way they are, and you’re driven to find the answers, our range of course in physics will give you the practical knowledge to take into industry.

Continue to question, research and discover. See where mathematics and physics could take you.

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Mathematics students working at computers


Many of civilisation’s greatest achievements are built on mathematics. By choosing a mathematics degree, you will learn to make an important contribution to the world around us, be it in science, technology or engineering. 

Explore our Mathematics courses:

BSc (Hons) Mathematics

BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Foundation Year


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Physics underpins everyday life, from the structure of the universe to the smartphone in your hand. This Physics degree will put you in position to discover the next scientific breakthroughs and innovations. 

Explore our Physics courses:

BSc (Hons) Physics

BSc (Hons) Physics with Foundation Year

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If you are ready to apply for one of our maths or physics courses, here are some UCAS quick links:

BSc (Hons) Mathematics

BSc (Hons) Physics

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